Empire Academy of Combat Sports and Fitness

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175 Norris Dr, Rochester, NY 14610 [Directions]
Hours (as of January 2009)
See schedules below
For Judo, Sambo, & Grappling: (585) 943-1652
For Boxing & Kickboxing:(585) 269-4761
<staff AT teamempire DOT us>
  Circuit Class
   Monday and Friday: 6-7PM
   Tuesday: 8-9AM
   Thursday: 8-9AM, 6-7PM
  Thai Pads:
   Tuesday and Wednesday: 6-7PM
  Boxing/Kickboxing Sparring
   Thursday: 8-7PM
  Advanced Kickboxing Drills & Light Sparring
   Friday 7-8PM
  Striking Sparring Class
  Open Bag
   Monday-Thursday 7-9PM
   Saturday 12:30-2:30
  Beginner Gi (Judo/Sambo/BJJ)
   Monday: 7-8 PM
   Saturday: 11:30-12:30
  Beginner No-Gi (Judo/Sambo)
   Wednesday: 7-8 PM
  Beginner No-Gi (10th Planet Jiu Jitsu)
   Tuesday and Thursday: 7-8PM
  Junior Jiu Jitsu Age 10-15
   Monday and Wednesday: 5-6PM
  Advanced Gi (Judo/Sambo/BJJ)
   Monday:7-9:30 PM
  Advanced No-Gi (10th Planet Jiu Jitsu)
Fight Fitness
   Tuesday and Thursday:5-6PM
Team Practice 2
   Saturday: 2:30-4PM

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2007-11-09 16:36:46   Hey, great timing posting this! I have a friend in town who was just telling my he couldn't find any MMA facilities in Roch! —LanceReed

2009-01-30 17:59:52   This place is great. I have been training in grappling here since July 2008 and I felt I have grown much both mentally and physically. The instructors really know their stuff and have lots of experience in their areas of expertise. They care about the students and want us to succeed in our goals, whether they would be amateur competing, self defense or just personal fitness. For the grappling class, there are students of all different styles and body types to roll(spar) with. It does help you prepare for all kinds of opponents if you are considering competing. There are also tons of information about grappling tournaments. With Coach Herzog's root in Judo/Sambo and his openness to the cutting edge and innovated 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, the students can really have the best of both worlds. There are also striking classes and Fight fitness for people with different taste. Highly recommended. —Huan