Etna Italian Pastry Shop


etnaitalianpastryshopcafe600.jpgPhoto - Defunct Piano Works Mall location -July 2008 BradMandell

1913 Long Pond Road, Rochester, NY 14606
Hours (as of May 2020 via Website)
Monday - Saturday: 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Sundays & Holidays: 9:00AM to 2:00PM
585 429 6369
<info AT etnapastryshop DOT com>

Etna Italian Pastry Shop is an Italian pastry shop and cafe in Gates featuring delicious cookies, petit fours and cannoli, wedding and occasion cakes, and more.


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2008-01-06 15:59:28   Everything from Etna is delicious and the service is usually very good. Best cannoli in town. —WestSideB

2008-04-24 09:41:26   Hands down, Etna bakery clearly has the best cannoli, cookies and fillings for any pastry. East Rochester place is beautiful and clean. Great ice cream and panini for lunch. What a find for me and my friends. —AnnFehrenbach

2009-03-10 13:11:24   I had a chance to check our the new E. Roch. location this past weekend. WOW what a lovely selection of Italian cookies, canolies and beautifully decorated cakes. They even had some of those very-difficult-to-make Sfogliatelle (pronounced sfo-lyah-TEL-e)are Italian filled pastries that are shaped like shells or cones. The word "sfogliatelle" means "many leaves/layers",and this describes the dessert. They also had a nice selection of ice cream (Perry's if I'm not mistaken). Can't wait to go back. —MalainkaGreen

2009-12-31 21:08:50   Am pretty upset at this place. Ordered a cake to be picked up at 4pm today. Showed up at 4:20 and the place was closed! I guess they close early on holidays (2pm), but it would have been nice if the girl taking my order had mentioned that fact when we spoke. Made a pretty long trip for nothing. When you order, they take your phone number but no one called us and we had no cake for our special occasion. Their pastries may be tasty but definitely overpriced and even if they were truly amazing, if you can't count on them to be ready at the right time, they are not much good to you, are they? —dadioy01

2010-01-01 17:45:03   Resonse to Dadioy01 unfair bellyaching about our favorite bakery. Products are superior, no preservatives, freshly made. I am confused, if pastries are "overpriced" why order again. Seems like supermarket packedged products are your speed. —Annemariescuderi

2011-02-26 21:04:43   Ms. Scuderi - This is my opinion and my opinion only. I am so sorry I did not ask your opinion before offering mine, troll-witch. As you can tell (if you can read?) was that the bakery was CLOSED which made it hard to pick up the pastry. No comment about the quality but I am so glad you were able to pinpoint me as someone who prefers packaged products. All that from a short review? You must work for that place. Next time, spell check the word "packaged" before you troll and allow people to have their opinions even if they disagree with yours. Go gobble some more overpriced cake now! —dadioy01

2011-02-26 21:14:48   AHhhh....Did a little research. Anne Marie Scuderi is the owner displeased with my review. Well, the problem is that this website is here for the purpose of soliciting opinions from patrons of the various establishments. There is no rule that the reviews will be positive nor is it expected that owners will attack the reviewers, questioning their taste. Ms. Scuderi, I will boycott your establishment simply because you have no right to attack people for voicing an opinion on a public website. If you were a loyal customer defending a favorite restaurant, I could understand but spare me your vitriol. As the owner, you have to have at least a modicum of decorum. Will be sure to spread the word about you. —dadioy01

2011-06-06 09:47:19   Their cookies are very good, and I love the holiday assortment, but the cookies are actually better off season in my opinion. They seem fresher than the cookie cakes they have premade around the holidays which for obvious reasons have to be put together ahead of time. Don't get me wrong, they're good but off season they're better. —carolturo