Evans Farm

The Evans Farm neighborhood is located in south-central Brighton.
The neighborhood is generally bounded on the north by Westfall Road, on the east by Edgewood Avenue, on the south by Danforth Crescent and Dartford Road, and on the west by Hunters Lane and Idlewood Road.
Neighborhood Association
[WWW]Evans Farm Neighborhood Association

Not too suprisingly, the Evans Farm neighborhood is sited on a tract of land that used to be a farmstead owned by the Evans family. The housing tract was first developed in the late 1950's and is comprised of just over 350 homes. There is an active neighborhood association that sponsors several annual events and advocates for neighborhood interests. The fine facilities of the Brighton Senior Center and Brighton Recreation are housed in the former Brookside School which is just off of Idlewood Rd.


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2021-06-19 13:53:14   Who do I contact to join the Evans Farm Neighborhood Association? My email address is vjsamar@gmail.com.VincentSamar