Fall Brook Falls


hike1.jpgThe waterfall with a person next to it

Fall Brook Falls is a 70 foot waterfall near Geneseo. There is a short hike (30 minute) to walk along the stream. It takes about [WWW]45 minutes by car to get to there from Rochester. Getting to the base of the waterfall (and the attached trail) requires traversing a fairly steep canyon wall. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

Unfortunately the falls is on private property and trespassing is not allowed.


  1. I390 South

  2. Take exit 8, Road 20A.

  3. Turn right at Lakeville Road.

  4. Lakeville Road turns into South Street.

  5. Bear right onto Mt Morris Road - NY 63.

  6. After about a half a mile pull off onto the right hand shoulder. There aren't any signs but there may be some other cars parked there. You'll see obvious trails leading off into the woods. If you have a GPS receiver then use it to find the parking place: latitude 42.77472, longitude -77.82889.

  7. [WWW]Google Terrain View showing Falls Brook - click on Satellite for partial image view

  8. [WWW]Live Satellite View

  9. [WWW]Yahoo Map

More Photos

FallBrookSatellite.gifSatellite view showing NY-63, the river, falls, and trail - From [WWW]NYSGIS hike2.jpg hike3.jpgThe top of the waterfall


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2006-01-28 18:19:48   Caveat: The property appears to be posted as private. I explored this 01-22-06, easy access to the falls, literally a minute from the road. The falls are beautiful. —MikeThomas

2012-07-06 11:03:09   This is actually an easier way to get in there, park by the alfalfa plant and walk up the stream, it is usually not that deep https://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=p&ie=UTF8&ll=42.775275,-77.828822&spn=0.027752,0.022359&z=15PDub

2021-03-09 20:04:33   The falls are private property, posted and patrolled. Trail Otter offers exclusive guided hiking tours of the falls along with other activities on the property. Contact them at trailotter.com or 585-382-5055 for more information. —BillWaterhouse