Ferry Bad Place Article


Written by Jan Wong and published by The Globe and Mail in Toronto, few things in recent history have stirred such strong reactions from citizens of our city as this article preceeding the Fast Ferry's launch. The article itself is an amusing read, but unfortunately most (if not all) of that amusement comes at the expense of Rochester, NY. Many have agreed with Wong, and many more have cursed her under their breath. Feel free to add your own opinion using the comments feature at the bottom of the page.

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2005-06-03 11:10:23   It's a little ode to muckraking! Melodramatic, hyperbolic, just a skitch inaccurate, with dubious sources ("Carol Miller, a retired hospital worker (and my cousin-in-law), who has lived in Rochester her whole life..."). What about the really interesting ferry dirt, like the fact that the state senators who pushed hard for it in 2002 received significant political contributions from the director of CATS in 2000(will re-look up sources and post someday)~ politics as usual —HeatherYager