Forno Tony


1803 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14610
Status (as of December 2022)
Temporarily Closed
Info Needed
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed

Forno Tony is a Italian bakery and pizzeria. The pizzas are made with a high-hydration dough and served in 2 forms;
1) The oblong free-form pizza alla pala is named after the long paddle used to get it in and out of the oven. That is topped either with olive oil (pizza bianca), a simple tomato sauce (pizza rossa), tomato sauce and cheese (pizza rossa with mozzarella) or filled with mortadella (pizza bianca with mortadella);

2) Pizza in teglia is baked in a rectangular steel pans; they are available topped with zucchini (pizza con zucchine) or potato (pizza con patate), both drizzled with olive oil.

Bakery items include maritozzi, cloudlike brioche buns filled with a lightly sweetened whipped cream. Other variations include Nutella, pistachio and marmalade.

Opened October 15, 2022. Operating only on Saturdays in the small shopping center at Winton and East, they were soon drawing large crowds that overwhelmed the other businesses there. In mid-November they were asked to relocate and are currently looking for a new location.1


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