Freedom Roc's

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Freedom Roc's is a libertarian oriented public access TV show started in 2010 by Max Kessler. It features discussions of political issues of importance to libertarians including fiscal policy, the right to keep and bear arms, the right of adults to choose what they consume, the right of adults to live their lives as they see fit without infringing on the same right of other adults.

Freedom Roc's is hosted or co-hosted by Chris Edes or Max Kessler and they refuse to soft-pedal tyrannical politicians. They are not afraid to call tyrants, fascists, commies, socialists, etc. what they are.

Freedom Roc's is unapologetically pro:

Freedom Roc's is unapologetically anti:

Freedom Roc's is a personal project of Max Kessler. No Libertarian Party organization or any cable access station has any control over its content.


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