Global Crossing

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225 Kenneth Dr Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]

Global Crossing Limited, with offices in Henrietta, is a [wikipedia]Tier 1 carrier that provides telecommunications solutions over an integrated global IP-based network. Its core network connects approximately 390 cities in 30 countries, and delivers services to approximately 690 cities in 60 countries and 6 continents, worldwide. The company's IP services are global in scale, linking enterprises, governments, and carriers with customers, employees, and partners worldwide in a secure environment that is suited for IP-based business applications, allowing e-commerce to thrive. Global Crossing offers a range of data, voice, and security products to Fortune 500, as well as 700 carriers, mobile operators, and ISPs. Its Professional Services and Managed Solutions provide VoIP, security, and network consulting and management services to support its Global Crossing IP VPN service and Global Crossing VoIP services. Global Crossing natively deployed IPv6 in both its private and public backbone networks.

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