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2006-05-19 12:10:01   Has a wide selection of vegetarian selections. —LukeRuggiero

2006-05-26 22:52:23   I'm very attached to the best-loved Chinese restaurant in my hometown back in Massachusetts—the owner knows everyone by name, the waiters already know what everyone drinks, and you can expect to recognize the majority of other people dining there. And the food, of course, is wonderful. When I go home for a visit, my first meal is usually there. I never thought I'd find a replacement in Rochester for my favorite hometown Chinese, but Golden Port has definitely come close. The service and food are excellent, and I like that you can order dim sum and/or sushi—I hate sushi, but I can bring friends there who love it while still being able to find plenty to eat for myself. Be careful—the dim sum prices look cheap, but it all adds up quickly! —RachelBlumenthal

2006-05-26 23:36:29   I really like this place. The people are friendly. Food is great. LOL, it's true, the prices do add up quickly if your not paying attention. —RickUrwin

2006-10-22 07:55:18   I miss having the Golden Port on S. Clinton. The guy that was always there (owner) was always very friendly. —DanMcKeown

2006-12-21 11:11:40   My favorite dim sum selections here are the leek pockets and the grilled chicken with peanut sauce. Their meat-on-a-stick dim sums are all delicious. The fresh spring rolls leave a bit to be desired, I think. —EastSideStephen

2007-01-28 21:22:57   All in all some very good dim sum. The fried dumplings are top notch (though where I'm from we call them pot stickers). —MisterElkington

2007-03-01 17:39:54   loved it! the soup is good enough to be a meal in itself - fresh ingredients, savory & delicious! Edamame (sp?) was perfect consistency & just enough salt dusted on it. Had a scallop dish that was prepared very well. —SarahLeone

2007-05-08 18:57:30   There's nothing wrong with Golden Port/House of Sushi. Service is usually quite attentive and it couldn't be more convenient to me for where I spend the majority of my day. That said, I can get better Dim Sum, Thai, Chinese, or Japanese food other places in the city and usually pay less money for it as well. That said, I'm so happy to see the East End booming with commerce and the addition of these restaurants is indeed wonderful. —RochesterGuy

2007-08-20 20:57:40   I've always had a great experience at Golden Port.....the only times it gets spendy is if you get ahead of your appetite. {Had review on TWOTASTEDOTCOM } —RobinCass