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This page is for archiving 2008 comments for Good Luck.

2008-08-25 10:18:05   Really trendy great restaurant. Food was delicious. Cool interior, would easily fit into NYC as one of its trendiest restaurants. Only qualm, the tapas style plates are a little small, I would recommend ordering 2 dishes or all of the courses. —MrRochester

2008-08-25 11:42:01   Was there over the weekend. Loved the decor and concept. The crostini were all brilliant. I tried emailing some of my concerns, but the email bounced back. Main issue, the wine glasses on the table were filthy. Water spots all over them. We'll prob go back after they iron out opening kinks, as the wine glasses weren't the only one. —MarcVera

2008-08-25 13:24:22   The email on their website is wrong in some places. It is stated as which goes to a gambling website. The correct email is: I think. At least that's the one I used to write them. —KimBee

2008-08-30 13:29:58   Good Suck, is more accurate. The bar area is wonderful. The service is wonderful. The food will leave you very hungry. The portions are incredibly small. I will be surprised if this place lasts. For the money, you're better off going to Tapas. —RochGirl

2008-09-03 13:41:50   Excellent cocktail list and the food is top notch. The wine list is a work in progress but what they have are nice choices. I found the portion sizes appropriate and of the highest quality. —GordonAnderson

2008-09-04 12:35:19   At first I wasn't too sure about going to this restaurant, due to experiences at so many pretentious restaurants with subpar food. This place restored my faith in the semi-upscale experience. The waitress was super friendly, the food was great, and the coffee was even better. Job well done for such a new place. —TippingPoint

2008-09-04 13:06:05   I just want to simply second Tippingpoint's comment. This place is right on. The food was excellent and the place looks great - a gem here in Rochester. Someone was wiping the wine glasses when we went. —BigPun

2008-09-05   We found the service to be very slow. 10 minutes to get a glass of water is not good, especially when the waitress stopped by to tell us "they were working on the glass of water." The portions are too small, and the food is good, but not excellent. The room is very noisy when the place is full, almost to the point of having to yell to have a conversation. I will give it another shot in month or two, and on a quieter night, to see if they've worked out the kinks. —JonGary

2008-09-11 10:12:49   We went to Good Luck and enjoyed everything. It did not blow us away as were hoping. The building is so unique but the design and decor of the restaurant is not. We thought it had a cold, cafeteria-like atmosphere with bad acoustics. I guess we were hoping at the very least for something a little more cozy and intimate like Javas. I realize this would be hard to do with such a large space but there didn't seem to be much attempt. Or maybe they accomplished exactly what they wanted?

We had some cocktails off the list that were tasty but lacked a punch. I watched the bartender make the "Maragrite" and he very carefully measured out what looked to be an ounce of Patron and then everything else that went in didn't have alcohol, including the jello jigglers as far as we could tell. A Margarita usually has two ounces of alcohol between the tequila and orange liqueur.

The food was flavorful and imaginative. The buttermilk fried quail was the extra special dish. You could taste the orange blossom honey in the crust of the quail. So good! The goat cheese gnocchi were very good. The gnocchi were light and airy and all dishes should have a touch of chorizo thrown in! We had the tuna Nicoise which came as a deconstructed salad. It's a trendy way of serving it but we wanted to ask for another plate so we could put it back together again. The vinaigrette was delicious and potatoes cooked perfectly then chilled. We would prefer maybe having a well executed tuna tartar or carpaccio on the menu. I know that is awfully American of us, but that's what we are!

So all in all we enjoyed our night out but are curious to see how the restaurant will evolve in the next few months if at all. —jazzycat

2008-09-14 14:21:35   Great place—(portions are just right, too), incredibly attentive service on the three nights that we were there, and the staff knows about food AND wine (rare in ROC). Great look. Wish it were open every night. Where else in ROC can you eat well at 10pm? But it is too noisy. Keep the bar loud, but dampen the dining room a bit (with some fabric or padding from the old fabrics and findings). A really welcome addition to the restaurants here. —RobertDavid

2008-10-15 22:15:05   We weren't sure what to expect but this was such a treat. We started at the bar with some cocktails and were very pleased. At the table we had the chef's choice charcuterie plate- delightful. Four of us then shared the special salad, the pork loin, the monk fish, the gnocchi, and the potato and turnip gratin. We were stuffed! Admittedly, we didn't really know how to approach the menu at first- but Storm, our waitperson, was super helpful and although perhaps a little over the top- helped guide us through the meal. We didn't feel rushed at all and spent about four hours just enjoying the meal and the company. It felt as if we were in New York- the setting was trendy but laid back and comfy. I agree with previous posters about it being loud- it was very crowded and we went on a Wednesday night. However, the noise didn't take away from the meal or the discussion. Will def. be back! —ShawnaLusk

2008-12-18 10:07:23   I love how this place is designed and it has a very urban feel. It has a nice menu but I agree tat the noise ruins the atmosphere. We were there on a wed, it was 1/3 full, and my ears were ringing when I left and my throat was soar the next day from trying to be heard at the table. If they take simple steps to control the noise, we will be regulars. If not, we wont be back. I have to say, since most people complain about the same problem, Im surprised they haven't addressed the issue. —JamesPatrick