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The Guido's Pasta Villa Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 27, 2009.

2007-08-22 09:02:27   I went here this past weekend and it is instantly my favorite Italian restaurant in Rochester, maybe even my favorite restaurant here. (I have been once before years ago.) The owner is right there and talks to you. He told us about some of the menu items. We had the clams casino as an appetizer and they were delicious—and I never thought clams casino were anything special. The wait staff is extremely efficient, I have waited tables before and can usually spot a good server. This place is full of them. The decor is nothing fancy, but who cares. The food is amazing and there is a ton of it. —BadFish

2007-09-05 11:04:32   Sadly, Jesse Guido, one of the owners of Pasta Villa, recently passed away due to a sudden illness while in Florida. He was 42. —BadFish

2007-09-12 14:30:28   I've heard it's amazing, but the gruffness of the host turned us off, so we walked out. —MarcVera

2007-10-26 11:55:23   Update! We went back last night and waited over an hour for a table. It was totally worth it. This is now one of my fave places in Rochester. Same host guy, same gruffness, but he's a good guy. That's just how he is. We had the lasagna special (awesome), the shrimp scampi (amazing), and the tiramisu (better than brilliant). —MarcVera