Henrietta Animal Hospital

3156 East Henrietta Road, Henrietta, NY 14467
Hours (as of August 2011 per Website)
Monday/Thursday/Friday: 7:30AM to 5:00PM
Tuesday: 9:00AM to 3:00PM
Wednesday: 7:30AM to 7:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to Noon
Scheduled Border Pickup:
Sunday: 5:00PM to 5:30PM
Office: 585 334 3800
After Hours Emergency: 585 424 1277
Dr. Michelle Brownstein, MS DVM
<mbrownst AT rochester DOT rr DOT com>

Henrietta Animal Hospital is a veterinarian facility on East Henrietta Road in Henrietta.


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2007-05-08 21:35:30   We've been using Henrietta Animal Hospital for 3+ years and are very pleased. UPDATE 7/27/07-We've moved our vet services to Suburban Animal Hospital on East Henrietta Road. Fees are much more reasonable and they have more staff. As an example with Henrietta AH 5 xrays were about $1000....with our new vet the cost was almost exactly 1/2 that —PeteB

2008-10-14 20:55:46   Very caring staf...Excellent service, competitive prices —RobertDugan

2008-10-14 22:42:36   Prices are competetive with surrounding animal hospital —RobertDugan

2008-10-18 18:54:00   My wife and I used to go to Suburban and found the exact opposite,..we found their prices much higher than Henrietta Animal Hospital..Our chocolate Lab tore a knee ligament . And we had hip x rays and both knees plus much more and the bill was only 500.00 or so..including labwork..The service was tops..never met a more caring staff. —Clintb

2008-10-18 19:11:49   ADMIN NOTE: It should be noted that the comments from RobertDugan and ClintB came from the same IP address and could possibly be from the same person. —PeteB

2011-02-17 22:35:50   *WARNING* UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP!!!! This hospital gave top of the line care to my dog back in the 90s so I recently took my cat there when I was unhappy with another vet. This vet advertises rates for low income which is a ploy to lure new patients. Low income clients only qualify if you have a signed statement from a social worker or clergy (clergy?!). They charged me more for my visit than the after hours emergency office on White Spruce blvd did two weeks later! The receptionist was very unprofessional. The Dr seemed disinterested and the opposite of the website claiming to want to offer services for those with a low income. I have to agree with another post recommending Suburban Animal Hospital. They are owned by the owners of the White Spruce after hours emergency, and Cats and Critters on Park Ave. They are A+ caring people. They also own clinics in Greece and Irondiquoit.

Should have noted that the issue was a UTI. Henrietta Animal Hosp under M. Brownstein did LESS than what was done with subsequent visits to White Spruce Emerg After Hours and Cats and Critters Park Ave, but charged more. Did not do a urine test or ultra sound. All they did was make a diagnosis based on my description of symptoms and give fluids + medication. That was appreciated at first... until I got to the other places and had many other tests done and got a LOWER bill!

I am currently a student (working part time and without family support) and therefore low income, typically pay stubs can be used to show this at places advertising for low income. It is misleading to advertise special rates and then require documentation from clergy! (what century are we in?)!

Also they do not accept Care Credit, or they do not mention it to their clients who need help with payment. Cats & Critters and White Spruce Emergency accept it and TELL PATIENTS about it. So that I was able to open a line of credit to pay for my pet's medical fees instead of coughing up hundreds of dollars that I did not have on hand that he would have died without. —thatgurlcarolyn

2011-02-17 22:52:36   PeteB. M Brownstein is the NEW owner. Of course it shows that now "still." You should read comments more thoroughly before "moderating." I said I had been there in the 90s. My dog was treated by a Dr. Ophart back them. M Brownstein is the quack I'm commenting on. —thatgurlcarolyn

2011-02-17 22:56:21   Sorry—we were there in 2006 and were told Doc Brownstein was and always had been the owner. That's where I was coming from. —PeteB

2011-07-05 12:17:57   Comment from 2001-02-17 is erroneous by thatgurlcarolyn. I am the sole owner and sole veterinrian since 1994. There never has been a Dr. Ophardt..ever.
Disgruntled clients complain about every veterinarians fees when they are on fixed incomes. We are aware of our competitors fees and are always within the range of fees charged in the Rochester area.
\We NEVER advertise for low income clients ..ever. We do promote a Pets In Need Clinic yearly for people who have suddenly lost the financial means to afford medical attention for their pets.

We never have had the capacity to perform ultrasound and do make referrals frequently.

This person clearly is making invalid comments or has us confused with another clinic.


2011-08-04 14:07:51   I had quite the opposite experience as described by thatcarolyngurl. As a student myself, I was also under financial restrictions but was very pleased to be presented with a medical plan that estimated my costs and gave me an opportunity to select a medical plan that fit my budget. I was also offered a care credit application to help me take care of my dog who is a victim of chronic ear infections. I have always received the nicest, most professional care here and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a veterinarian. —LeslieB

2011-08-04 14:42:29   I have been bringing my 3 cats to Dr. Brownstein since I got them 11 years ago. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Dr. B and her entire staff. They are professional, compassionate and affordable. Their newly remodeled office is warm and inviting, making our trips to the vet more comfortable for us and less stressful on our pets. Thanks to the Henrietta Animal Hospital for taking such good care of our extended family. —Megan

2011-08-04 19:17:58   I moved to the area 5 years ago. The first vet I tried had a very rough bully of as assistant. The second was eager to send both my cats to a cardiologist for lifelong treatment of sometimes inaudible heart murmurs, and, despite my having declined that kind of care, his office contacted me repeatedly to encourage me to take the cats to the cardiologist. (One has since died of old age; the other is just fine, thank you.)

Dr. Brownstein is the third vet I tried, and I've been very very happy with her services and her staff ever. She and her staff clearly love animals. I rescued a little dog with more problems than I'd counted on, and throughout, she was delighted to work with me and to watch him progress from a trembling creature to a little guy with confidence. She discussed options for treatments for his range of problems, and in the end, when he developed a brain tumor, she was very compassionate, supportive and firm when he had to be put down. (Deep down, I wanted to give him a few more days, when a few more days would have been cruel and selfish.) (And she was a great help to me in the days following—his end came so suddenly.) I like her forthrightness, her sense of humor, and the attention everyone in the office and kennels gives to the animals.

2011-08-08 14:53:44   All of these reviews are absolutely outrageous. I've been coming to the animal hospital for over 5 years with my orange tabby. The staff is nothing but caring and reasonable. Dr. Brownstein is nothing but caring and helpful. —iknowwhatimtalkingabout

2011-08-13 14:22:11   Dr. Brownstein and her staff have been nothing but helpful and informative when it comes to my animals. I have been to several vets before, and am extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism and quality of service here. The cost is comparable to what I was paying previously and is well worth the excellent care my pets receive. Highly recommend it! —Toby04


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