Hibachi Sushi Buffet

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Former Location
3333 West Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623 [Directions]
Stauss (as of December 2017)

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2011-02-22 22:58:32   We went on a Tuesday, at about 8:30. usually going to a buffet that late is a recipe for a bad meal, but this was quite pleasant. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the Sushi was probably the best I have had at a buffet (not better than Cali Rollin or Arigato tho so don't expect that) The Hibachi was good and there was a large selection. Good food- Stuffed Shrimp, Sushi, Hibachi, Clams Casino, BBQ Chicken, Cookies | Bad food - BBQ Ribs (tasted soapy) Sweet and Sour Chicken (wasn't breaded well) Fish (looked very dry but didn't try it) —RobertForscythe

2011-02-23 09:09:18   I recently checked out the new Hibachi Sushi Buffet at Southtown. Went around 7pm on a weeknight. It wasn't bad. The place was bigger than I expected. As RobertForscythe mentioned, for a buffet the sushi was pretty good. They did have a large selection at the buffet area and the hibachi looked really pretty good. I had a very nice time. My only real point of dissatisfaction if I had to mention one would be that not one single waitress or waiter asked if we needed anything the entire time we were eating. I couldn’t get a refill of my drink or a pot of green tea which I love to have when I have sushi. It was a very busy night, the wait staff wasn’t being lazy by no means, but I was surprised not one person stopped to see if we needed anything until about 5 minutes before we left and our plates were cleared. By then it was around 8.30 so the crowd had thinned. This would be my only complaint. Other than that, the place was nice, good buffet and hibachi and good buffet sushi. For about $12 a person, I’d go back! —saraokirk

2011-03-09 21:06:48   I went on a Wednesday evening around dinner time. The food was hot and fresh. There were tons of different dishes to choose from. I ate so much from the buffet that I didn't even make it to the hibachi grill. The service was good. I would definitely go again. —KimAm

2011-03-25 17:56:57   I am surprised they have the higher quality items available, the sushi is nothing to write home about but most of it is edible. However the ingredients are higher quality than any other buffet in rochester, so I enjoy it for what it is. —jberna

2012-05-04 23:02:14   Had dinner at here on Tuesday. Place looks pretty nice inside. The selection of food is very good and most of the items we had were very tasty. The sushi was barely ok, but not that good. Barbequed ribs were excellent. They have 2 different kinds of fried shrimp, the standard ones and the ones with the entire shrimp including the head. I put one in my plate and after a long fight to get the shell off, it was very good, went back for some more and had to put up with my wife laughing at me at all the work to get at the good part of the shrimp. (It was worth it). They have a large selection of desserts and some good ice cream. I will go back! —Ricardo

2012-06-19 12:45:52   Went with a large group from work for lunch last week, and all eight of us were really pleased with the selection + quality of the food. Would definitely recommend, and I think it'll become a regular lunch spot around here. —jbeez

2012-07-01 18:14:45   Apart from the burned dumplings, tasteless sushi, and inedible teriyaki chicken, this place—well, it pretty much sucked. I understand they've had some ICE issues lately; maybe that accounts for it. We were there on Friday (6/29/2012), and it was awful. —GretaSangiovese

2012-10-03 11:07:20   Greatly improved from when it first opened. Most of the buffet food is average, but the hibachi selection and quality is exceptional. The fruit is usually pretty fresh as well. —timcrist

2014-06-05 15:13:12   I've been to this place plenty of times and while I usually love buffets, I can admit some anxiety when choosing and eating at them because I'm always wondering how long the food has been out and where exactly it comes from. I normally stick to their sushi and because it's all you can eat, you really can't lose. Their hibachi is truly amazing and always tastes fresh because they make it right there. You will have the issue of food being cold though. It is hard to time each plate perfectly and to get the food while it's hot, which is why I like there to be a large crowd when I go. The more busy, the more food that has to be cooked. I've been here a few dozen times now and have never had a bad experience. —SRB

2017-04-27 15:04:56   Ate here for the first time yesterday for lunch: what an experience. The interior is something else, heavily decorated and undeniably Chinese. The food is nothing really to write home about, but it wasn't bad, and there's something for everyone. They only had sushi rolls, and those were just ok. $9 per person for the lunch buffet, all you can eat. —KatieSchmitz