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The grounds where the former penitentiary was located was only added to Highland Park in the 1980s, so the page is a bit confusing because the land where the lilacs are located along Highland Avenue on the north was the Ellwanger and Barry property until they gave it to become Highland Park. The penitentiary was torn down in the early 1970s. The circular drive up to the entrance is still there. The Ellwanger and Barry land stretched from Mt. Hope Ave over to Clinton. It is quite possible that many people - especially older generations do remember the building that was once the Penitentiary and became the Vietnam Vet Memorial and the South Addition to Highland Park.

2007-08-16 19:19:45   Not sure I created this Talk Page correctly. See the information on the history of Highland Park at the Landmark Society's website: [WWW]http://www.landmarksociety.org/section.html?id=1&uid=53&pageId=155 Also there is much written about Ellwanger and Barry and Highland Park in the Rochester History publications that have been digitized by the Rochester Public Library [WWW]http://www.rochester.lib.ny.us/~rochhist/mainlist.htmlCarolLucky