I'm Going To Make A Drug With My Mind


I'm Going To Make A Drug With My Mind is a public access cable show on Time Warner Cable channel 15 in the City of Rochester. The show has been on for over 5 years and has over 100 episodes and features short films, local and national music acts, goings on about Rochester, and whatever else the creators Jonny One-Lung and Arthur Ratnik decide to put in it. It has often been said that use of illegal drugs enhances the viewing of this show. The show is often hosted by a cigarette smoking rabbit puppet named Pisspot the rabbit. Pisspot also maintains a MySpace page [WWW]http://www.myspace.com/pisspot_the_rabbit.

Luminaries who have appeared on the show include: Daniel Johnston, Ike Willis, Chuck D., Murphy's Law, Brave Combo, Eugene Chadbourne, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blowfly, Jucifer, Napolean Murphy Brock, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Dr. Dirty John Valby, George Clinton, The Colorblind James Experience, Camper Van Beethoven, Dame Darcy, Roy Wood and many, many more.

Episodes of the program are widely available on YouTube:
[WWW]Episode 67 Helloween
[WWW]Episode 97 - P-Funk
[WWW]Episode 112 - Yer Mom Eugene Chadbourne
[WWW]Episode 113 - Dr. Dirty
[WWW]Pisspot at Astronomicon Pt.1
[WWW]Pisspot at Astronomicon Pt.2