I Gotta Vent


[WWW]"I Gotta Vent" is a feature in the Genesee Valley Penny Saver and accompanying website that gives readers a forum to complain about everyday annoyances.

Examples might include:

BUT NOT: that RocWiki editor that edited my business listing (:>}

The website allows anyone to post a rant and/or a comment on another user's rant, pending free registration.


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2005-06-13 12:18:11   "To the dirtbag who stole our lawn geese out of our side yard.Thanks alot! They were a Christmas present and we had them out there for a whole two days before you ran off with what was'nt yours.Like the cowardly little thief you are,you waited until late at night before taking them." Those poor lawn geese. —HeatherYager