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2007-01-29 23:41:16   Should Japanese Food and Sushi be the same page or two separate pages? Or, should it be one page with two separate sections? Most places with sushi also have Japanese food, so there's a lot of crossover, but not all of them do (For example, I'm not sure if California Rollin has Japanese food, or at least much of it). And obviously, sushi is a subset of Japanese food; by Japanese food, I'm referring to all other Japanese cuisine besides sushi. —StevenDibelius

2007-01-30 16:44:49   Cal Rolling is the the sushi-only place I know of - if there's not another, I'd keep them together? —RottenChester

2008-04-02 12:39:47   I would lean more towards separating them. Sushi restaurants (like 'Rollin') can be entirely not-Japanese cuisine oriented, and Japanese restaurants can not serve sushi. Also, the American diner is moving towards being more knowledgable about sushi than Japanese cuisine, so I think many people would look more towards a sushi page than a Japanese cuisine page.

But, there would be a lot of overlap, especially where Rochester dining is concerned, so for current organization, keeping them together might be simpler.

Also, 'Americanized' sushi is about as much of as subset of Japanese cuisine as Taco Bell's food is a subset of Mexican cuisine. —ErinPence