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Grew up with the owners of Jay's...really good people and the food is very reasonably priced with good servings! My family's Sunday Brunch spot! — PeteB

2006-06-20 18:21:41 Plenty of seating and when I go at night there is room to breath, they don’t seat people on top of each other. Typical "diner" menu selection and it is in a safe area. The pricing is reasonable but the $5 milkshake should be $4, really. I like this place! _ —RickUrwin

2006-08-08 06:28:05 The best clam chowder I've ever eaten is served at Jay's Diner. Thick, tasty, and crowded with meaty clams, this soup alone is worth the visit. —RemekKocz

2007-01-28 18:06:12 Worst. Diner. Ever. Unimaginably incompetent service, terrible food. Basically only still exists because it's open late. Go to the Mykonos diner instead, it's much better. —MisterElkington

2007-01-29 15:10:36 I have to disagree with MisterElkington-Jay's hosted a table off 12 for me this past Saturday and we had no issues at all —PeteB

2007-03-23 07:52:40 Disagreew ith MisterElkington, Jay's food is 10x better than Mykonos. The only thing I ever had at Jay's that I did not like was the Clam chowder, it was thick as cardboard. —KimBee

2007-03-23 10:29:09 Blueberry pie at 3 AM is always a treat. —DanielMiner

2007-07-20 01:12:09 I go here once a week atleast. Great food, great prices, great service, I can't stop raving about them. —DrewRoche

2007-09-23 01:13:40 Great prices, I love knowing that no matter what shift I'm working, I know I can get a hot (or cold, depending on the season) meal at any time of day or night.

Meal quality tends to be hit or miss, unfortunately - sometimes it's good, sometimes...not. The service is usually good, no matter when I go.


2007-10-04 06:07:43 I agree with MisterElkington, although Mykonos is no longer 24 hours. I just recently discovered Jay's Diner (first-year RIT student), and have found their prices to be low, but the service extremely ignorant & hasty. I have also noticed the waitresses being extremely unsanitary when dealing with food and drinks. Jay's Diner has a mainly white base of customers, so if you are a minority, don't come & not expect a bunch of staring, whispering, and ignorance on their part.

Enjoy. —JenChon

2007-10-04 15:01:49 Jen-I am sorry but I find your statements to be ignorant in their own. Wife & I are long-time (20+ years) patrons and people of differing minorities are always there. The wait-staff is also quite diverse. —PeteB

2007-10-04 17:08:37 Not necessarily. Especially when we're there late at night, I notice myself and the other customers checking out everyone who enters after us. In my case, I'm checking to see if they're going to be loud and disruptive. Jen may have mistaken these looks as racism. —DaveMahon

2007-11-07 14:34:22 To JenChon- You're ridiculous. Jay's is an open place where there are people from every walk of life. Everyone looks and everyone no matter where you go. Most people that go there are regulars so YES, they look at people. Are they looking down on you? NO. And i can tell you this for definite because i was a server there for quite some time. If the servers are grumpy, that's because the majority of people in there do not tip properly. Just because it's a diner or you're a poor college student does not give you the right to stiff your server!!
Oh yeah, and don't eat the chowder..... —MissGia

2007-12-09 16:43:52 To start off, I have gone into Jay's with incredibly mixed crowds and have seen absolutely no difference to going in with a crowd of all white people. That simply is fiction. On the other hand, I do not see the purpose of going to Jay's unless it's 3am and Denny's isn't your cup of tea. It's solid, cheap food. Easy on the stomach and the wallet. But there are dozens of restaurants better than Jay's out there. I only go there when it's past midnight. —NoahLeaf

2007-12-09 22:37:47 Jay's is a great place. Head there at 2am Saturday or Sunday morning for a nice cultural display. Food is okay. It's a diner so don't expect too much. If you're drunk, then it's absolutely wonderful. One of the few 24 hour diners around the area, something this shitty upstate NY needs more of. —RorisonMeadows