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Additional responses to Alex-C's comment of Nov. 21, 2011.

2011-11-22 02:24:22   BRAVO - BDUB! Nothing more to add at this time as, your retort is accurate and a positive... for lack of better wording at this time... lacking of the head-stuck-in-the-behind comments of dooming other places which are doing just fine as independant businesses within the Rochester community or taking them as more than what they are. —NightlifeCher

2011-11-22 15:59:49   University Ave is not "borderline run-down." It's simply a commercial street with less interesting architecture than other parts of Rochester. I do wish Joe Bean was in a more walkable neighborhood but when you think about it, places like Park Ave, the South Wedge, NOTA, etc. already have plenty of established coffeehouses. —EileenF

2011-11-22 16:25:53   I really find that the area of of University has some very interesting architecture. I love walking around in Antiques and Lace. The massive building that Joe Bean was once a WWI Armor production facility and later after WWII if became a shoe manufacturing facility. It is certainly post-industrial but I find this to be really cool and really different than a lot of other neighborhoods in Rochester. It reminds me of Brooklyn quite a bit. —Bdub

2011-11-22 16:28:51   As for my observations about the neighborhood-please note the crappy apartment buildings on East Blvd, the 'ghetto' supermarket, the run-down junk shops, and the run-down neighborhood just across the tracks.

About the bit about being an 'art gallery'; I once heard somebody comment about the fact that the food in art galleries is about as bad as the art on restaurant walls. I will probably come back again someday, but it won't be for the 'art'.

And, as for bolstering the image of the are by mentioning all the places nearby, frankly, I can't see why you would mention the Wegmans, which will soon be a major construction site. Also, the can-redemption center there attracts all matter of riff-raff into the area, adding to the 'borderline' descriptor. You also failed to mention the vacant warehouse, the 3 places that repair cars (and one who runs a big towing business), as well as the machine shop, the muffler shop, and the big gas station, all in the immediate area. Don't forget to mention the CSX mainline with about 80 freight trains passing by each day. Park avenue, it ain't! —Alex-C

2011-11-22 18:02:51   Alex C. For the record Park Ave is probably the last neighborhood I would personally want to live in for the city. I have been a resident of the South Wedge for over a year now and find that the neighborhood encompasses a much greater sense of community and more unique businesses then that of Park Ave. I think what honestly strikes me the most about your posts is that you seem to be a true nay sayer and pessimist. One only needs to look at the list of other places you've reviewed to realize that it's a pattern of yours. Can I ask an honest question do you actually enjoy living in Rochester? I'm asking because I honestly can't tell. Are you from the suburbs? There is nothing Ghetto about University Ave and if you actually believe this then you should probably take the time to visit areas on the north and west side of the city that are struggling immensely.

The Art Gallery food comment is again a mystery. Whether you travel for art in different locations isn't really my concern but again the arts scene is part of the fabric of the community of Rochester and many people (including myself) love to go to First Friday Gallery Nights. The cafe features other local food vendors like Small World Bakery, Everybotti Biscotti, and desserts from the Owl House. Artisan Works is just down the street. The reason I mention Wegmans is because it's a major development project that's only indicative of the fact that the area is on the rise.

Rochester itself is a post industrial city and I celebrate the history of this area. Trains? I love trains I've ridden on them all over the world! So where is your perfect corner of the city? I find that I just can't appreciate your attitude. Who describes anyone as riff-raffs anymore?! I'm thankful it's not Park Ave. that neighborhood can have it's own character and persona, God forbid that everything be the same, but then again I appreciate the uniqueness of my city. —Bdub

2011-11-22 18:45:43   Junk shops? If you're referring to Antiques and Old Lace, that's actually a totally awesome place full of unique stuff. —EileenF

2011-11-22 21:40:08   Contrary to previous comments, you can get your coffee to go. And it is excellent. —KwandellPeterson

2011-11-22 22:15:08   I have yet to go (and I will eventually get there) but I've heard the coffee served here could have been brewed up by Gale on Breaking Bad. —BatGuano

2011-12-08 12:37:27   Well said, BDub and EileenF! I always love seeing other folks who embrace and emphasize the unique positives in Rochester, rather than moaning about how everything here isn't Starbucks in New York City. —AlexK

2015-12-29 20:12:36   Version 132 appears to have removed the comments section from the page entirely. I would fix this but I'm not really comfortable with making the edits since there have been several edits since then. —AdrienneDahler

2015-12-30 18:13:44   That was strange, not sure how no one noticed that. I restored them from the last available version (131) —DottieHoffmann