Just One Bite Cafe & Catering

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4141 West Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY 14624 [Directions]
Hours (as of June 2011)
Monday - Friday: 7:30AM to 6:00PM
585 487 6080
Wheelchair Accessible
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Just One Bite Cafe & Catering is a cafe located in Henrietta on West Henrietta Road. Their offerings include breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, coffees, blended drinks, salad bar, paninis, wraps, and grilled sandwiches.

It opened on May 23, 2011.


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2011-06-25 13:18:39   I have been there a couple of times now and The food is awesome. Good prices and very tasty. I believe the owners name is Sharon and she is very nice and the staff is friendly. I think this cafe will make it. I will be visiting it at lwast once a week from now on. On Thursday the 30th of June a lunch special will be Rubens My favorite I will be there —tomdaszkiewicz