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As of 2006.04.25 RocWiki.org has no official 'leadership'. This website is run as a 'gift' to the community, in the spirit of a communication service provider. While many of us hope to make this a non-profit, or a zero-profit LLC, no one involved has the time and effort to do these things immediately.

Decision Making

Decisions like the layout of page, logo, and any advertising will continue to be made in an ad-hoc, on the fly, manner (at best). We do not want editorial control of the site, and will only remove access for a contributor if there is a clear threat to our service. The Lead Contributors will never remove or edit content (although, individuals as their own persons can and may).


We encourage everyone to mention they are a contributor, or to claim their contributorhood as they see fit. At this size, and level of organization, we don't have any defining line for when people can call themselves 'Lead Contributors' we want everyone who claims to be a 'Lead Contributor' on the [WWW]mailing list though, so we can keep up to date.

Next Meeting

We hope to meet next time in June sometime, to talk about where things stand.

Things Lead Contributors Do:

Things Lead Contributors Don't Do: