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2006-03-15 16:32:08   I would be happy to contribute to this. —MikeThomas

2006-03-15 20:16:13   How do other community-based wikis deal with this? I'd be happy to have an "editorial board" or something similar to provide some direction. —TomMaszerowski

2006-03-16 11:39:00   Due to the way a Wiki works, isn't it de facto that lead contributors act as an editorial board? —JasonOlshefsky

2006-03-16 15:04:17   if by 'editorial board' you mean an activist group that edits pages for political/sanity reasons, nope. If you mean the people who have the final say if there is a conflict of viewpoints/personalities, then yes. —FarMcKon

2006-03-16 15:50:02   The latter is what I meant by direction. That's why I used the quotes. I don't think a heavy-handed approach is appropriate here. —TomMaszerowski

2006-03-16 15:55:26   I don't see any conflict that has required a 'final say' so far. I think the energy that would go into deciding who the chosen few are could be better spent improving the wiki itself. It ain't broke - why fix it? —RottenChester

2006-03-16 15:56:06   Take care not to designate an editorial board. Unlike newspapers, [WWW]wikis and other online services enjoy wide immunity from libel posted by users. —JohnLam

2006-03-17 01:20:39   I agree with Rotten & Lam (sounds like a law firm there). I would like to see some money accumulate to pay for getting the word out (like the awsome bumper stickers), and maybe pay for some of our hosting costs. I would like to have the design of the site 'approved' (at least rubber stamped) so it's not just whoever had R00t on that day's idea. I would like to have some kind of 'face' so that someone can go to things like 'digital rochester' and be able to 'speak for the wiki' is a sense. These are the types of things I would like to see the lead contribs work with. Now, this is just my first-pass ideas. Some may be worse (or better) than I first think of them (like the editorial comments). If you spot problems, please point them out. —FarMcKon