Lin's Garden

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420 Mount Hope Avenue, Rochester NY 14620 [Directions]
Hours (as of October 2012)
Monday-Thursday: 11:00AM-10:30PM
Friday/Saturday: 11:00AM-11:00PM
Sunday: Noon-10:30PM
585 232 8320
Wheelchair Accessiblity
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Lin's Garden is a small Chinese restaurant in the South Wedge, near the Ford Street Bridge. Delivery available.


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2006-12-04 22:45:02   Lin's Garden is now located on Mt. Hope, right across from the Ford Street Bridge (sorry, I don't know the exact address). Great food for a Chinese restaurant of this type (mostly take-out, although there is some seating). The food is not as greasy/sketchy/blehhh as other fast food/take out Chinese restaurants. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-12-25 13:57:05   I've gotten takeout from here a few times, and found it to be quite good. Sometimes greasy, sometimes not, always tasty and generously portioned. —DanielMiner

2008-07-02 22:00:02   Good food, great portions, and ALWAYS friendly service. Their sushi is good and quite inexpensive. Great low-carb options for my husband and vegetarian options for me. They offer health-conscience options, such as steamed entrees with veggies, sauce on the side, and steamed brown rice. Aside from these great qualities, these people couldn't be more kind! I recently ordered from them and although they were very late in their delivery (nearly an hour and a half), the driver was very apologetic and explained the situation. Ten minutes later, I received another apologetic phone call from the restaurant. I was very touched by the gestures (really, who can find wonderful customer service anymore???), and will continue to order from them in the future. Kudos to Lin's Garden! —jramey

2011-05-09 12:35:07   I ordered szechuan beef and shrimp egg rolls from Lin's garden yesterday and it was fantastic. The beef came loaded with broccoli, bamboo shoots, and zucchini. It was quite spicy, (but not too spicy) but that's coming from a spicy food lover. The shrimp egg rolls had nice big pieces of shrimp. I ordered pretty close to closing time and they weren't any less polite to me for it. This isn't the first time I've had great service and food from Lin's Garden, so I thought I'd finally make sure to spread the word. —MrsMunson

2011-10-21 22:16:14   Yum yum. —Bammerburn

2012-03-19 17:18:39   Affordable, delicious, and polite! Try the "Tangy Spicy Szechuan Wonton" —ZachBerger

2012-10-18 15:28:59   Best Chinese in Rochester, love the boneless pork ribs and egg rolls. —ginsuguy585

2014-09-07 11:59:10   we ordered through grubhub last night, and were so terribly disappointed. not only was our order wrong in many ways, the food was bland, tasteless, and gloopy (the string beans were crunchy, which we like, but the sauce...*grody*). we ended up throwing the food away- $50 down the drain. who has $50 to throw away? well, we don't, but ended up having to. grubhub was cool about it and tried to mitigate the situation, but to no avail. —jeanettejeanette