Linux User Group Of Rochester

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Social meetings were held on third Thursdays, 7:30pm at JB Quimby's Public House in the Win-Jeff Plaza near the northeast corner of Jefferson Road (Rt 252) and South Winton Road in Henrietta.

The Linux Workshop was held on third Saturdays from noon to 4 at Interlock Rochester .

Online communication

The [WWW]lugor mailing list is perhaps the chief way participants keep in touch with each other, and carries commentary and questions about Linux, about related software and about related culture in a broad and general sense. However, one must be subscribed to participate in any way.

LUGOR also has an eponymous IRC channel on the freenode network.


LUGOR holds claim to being among the earliest Linux User Groups to form, continuing a tradition established in Rochester for other computing environments by the AppleCider group and by what by the time of this writing in 2009 was to become the Rochester Computer Society, Inc.

Certainly, this message archived by the Internet Archive demonstrates that the group was already established and active before the March 1996 date of the email:


Note the content of the message, that the group already had had an established web site that the message author considered old and considered replacing. Also, the volume and nature of the traffic on this list indicate a group already well underway.