Lisa's Liquor Barn

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2157 Penfield Rd # 2, Penfield, NY [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2011 per Website)
Monday-Saturday: 9:00AM to 9:00PM
Sunday: Noon to 6:00PM
585 377 1860
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Conveniently located near the Penfield Wegmans at the intersection of routes 441 and 250, Lisa's Liquor Barn has a notable selection of wines. They accept the free Prestige Card along with Whitehouse Liquors, although both stores are independently owned and operated.


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2007-12-22 17:48:09   Good selection! —RorisonMeadows

2011-12-05 19:42:38   Decent selection of all types of booze, but mostly just large displays of the same stuff you can buy anywhere (albiet for a competitive price). The wine selection can be spotty on certain items. Italian wine selection is pretty pedestrian, as is the selection of French wines. They DO, strangely, have a fairly good selection of sparkling wines, though.

On the weekends, they have wine tastings, which seem to be VERY popular. I'm not sure why, though, since the selections are just whatever the wholsaler's agents are trying to push that week, but if you just go by the turnout these things have, you'd think they were GIVING the stuff away. After having been to the periphery of one of these events (happened to be in the area-have an elderly parent in one of the local senior facilities), I was a bit dismayed to see that, not only are these events quite popular with the "315 crowd", but it looks like more than one group came with a 'designated driver'.

To summarize, a reasonably decent selection, in a space probably twice as large as it needs to be, with prices that are fairly good. If you need anything special or unusual, though, you'll probably need to go to Century. OTOH, if getting blotto at a wine tasting is your idea of a good Saturday afternoon, this may be the place for you! —Alex-C

2012-08-31 18:04:48   2012-08-31 18:03:23 BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!!! This store and White House are both now owned by Wegman family members. They can't sell spirits in their grocery stores, so they're getting liquor licenses under various family members names and buying independents... How GREEDY is this family!!!!!

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, this location is going to open under the ownership of Jim Yaeger as Pinnacle Liquor and Wine —sarab32 —sarab32

2015-12-02 14:15:45   Sara, they are a business, what do you expect? Why would they not open up their own stores. It's a locally owned company, and they are supporting locally owned wineries and distilleries more than the privately owned and smaller liquor stores by offering their products in larger quantities and lower prices. —DE