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This page is for discussing the contents of Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester.

Long Page Name Impact

Discussion by BradMandell

Long page names cause fairly unsightly artifacts when displayed on smaller browser windows, shown at right on the 800 pixel semi-standard for RocWiki. Perhaps, RocWiki should rethink the use of these long names in the actual final page name. For example, in the case of Lollypop Farm, it would seem to be preferable to have the actual page name of Lollypop Farm and have the other names be redirects to that name. LollypopNaming.jpgImpact on 800 pixel browser window

Further the text could read

in recognition of the "official name" of the entity. One might note that their web address, Flickr Photo Album name, and usage throughout their website uses the shorter name.

[WWW]RocWiki search for Lollypop brings up a list to choose from, the top of the list being Lollypop Farm.

I am not sure what happens if we rename the current page back to the original name (do the previous revisions get picked up?).

Reaction and Suggestions Please

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2009-08-10 17:22:57   I might be able to smack something on the server end to make this cleaner, without needing to rename pages. I will advise! —RyanTucker

2009-08-19 15:06:41   I do agree with Brad on this one - provided none of the valid names are Orphaned Pages as such things tend to become.

Alternately, scrap the CSS height directives on #title and #title_text in style.css, allowing long text to simply wrap (and the blue box to expand correspondingly) on narrow screens. Note that I've only tested this solution on Firefox 3.5.2/Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2. —DaveMahon

2009-08-25 09:52:49   I've gone with the CSS change idea... it looks good on Firefox 3.0/Ubuntu 9.04. Hopefully someone will notice if it doesn't look good everywhere ;-) Thanks, Dave!! —RyanTucker

2009-08-25 12:40:32   LongNamesTabIssue.PNG On IE (and Firefox) the fix was good for the bottom of the tab bar, but the tabs are still an issue as seen here: