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2005-09-16 12:39:41   Is it "Lux" or "the Lux"? I think it's the former but the latter is in pretty common usage. Exercise for the reader: Draw comparisons to the use of the definite article to describe Southern Californian highways. —TobinFricke

2005-11-15 21:53:00   One of my favorites. Chopstix is a sweetheart and makes the best Bloody Mary in town. I have friends who feel uncomfortable here because the vibe is too "hipster." Yikes! I always feel at home here. I'm not quite the black-framed glasses wearing Sarte-toting bohemian that some of these people are, but I don't ever feel out of place. Lux welcomes diversity. Plus they have the best juke box in town, no doubt about it. I would like to see a larger draught beer selection, though. I'd say add another five taps and have some rotating seasonal beers. If they did that I'd never leave. —MariahBetz

2006-02-16 16:30:37 far as i can tell, it is the ONLY bar in rochester......christians are welcome too..... —SiMonster

2006-04-05 18:08:34   I felt kind of uncomfortable there. I guess it's just not my kind of place. I went for the cheap Pabst but quickly realized I was the only person with my original hair color and no piercings or tattoos. Could have just been that one night. —MattDana

2006-04-08 17:48:18   Matt, I feel your pain. I love the place, but since it's the only thing in it's ecological niche, I think is a bit overblown sometimes. —FarMcKon

2006-04-10 01:08:09   Maybe I haven't been frequently enough (or have been too tipsy to notice) but Lux seemed pretty inviting to me (except for the lighting), and I'm about as conventional as they come. —JonRobins

2006-06-28 07:38:58   A+ A great bar with great beer and great prices. The whole look and feel is unique. The jukebox is awesome, the non-internet and inexpensive classic variety. The selection is amazing. Pretentious...didn't notice it! The people were cool and the bartenders were nice. Yes, there are piercing and tattoos galore, but thankfully, the white hats and the bling are missing. —CarlGo

2006-09-20 19:58:43   Favorite bar in town, with an amazing jukebox, friendly bartenders, and cheap drinks to boot. Could use a dartboard though. —DanielMiner

2006-09-22 18:36:54   My favorite bar in Rochester: down to earth bartenders, good drink prices, young and local scene and an open minded group. —TravisOwens

2007-02-05 09:33:04   cheap drink prices. laid back atmostphere. good place to go, esp, if your not from around here and are used to better bars. —NjTourist

2007-03-30 22:03:52   Lux is alot of fun. I enjoy the atmosphere and the staff is great. I also think they have one of the hottest bartenders in town ;) The Lux bonfire in the summer is fabulous. —KimBee

2007-05-17 15:01:49   Great bar..only place I know where you can get pbr cans for $1.50 —MetalFrost

2007-05-25 16:00:39   I was at Lux and they've painted the inside. Actually it looks nicer, they've gone with matching shades of purple (kind of a dark lilac) and green and it compliments the red nicely. —TravisOwens

2007-06-02 20:29:08   I believe I've officially seen this place listed as "The Lux Lounge" but nicknamed "Lux"

great jukebox (any one with the full version of Disco Inferno means a great bar)

great patio

bartenders don't respond well to early high tippers —RorisonMeadows

2007-10-17 18:32:29   Couple of things about Lux: a) If its super busy, turn around and leave. The bartenders will serve their friends and regulars and ignore everyone else.
b) This is not one of the cheapest bars in Rochester unless your beer of choice is PBR in the can. Everything else is average to a bit above average priced.

This is a good bar that could use some better employee management. I do love the back lawn, and its a great place to meet new and interesting people. —DarrenKemp

2007-12-11 17:23:57   Lux is laid back and blissfully lacking in the pretentious Alexander Street crowd. I love the random assortment of people (from hipsters to U of R professors to middle aged bikers), entertaining decor, and backyard bonfire. I wish drinks were a bit cheaper, but it's the only bar I've found with such a tolerable atmosphere, so I deal. —ChelseaAllinger