“ After 17 years, thousands of events, many more friendships and even a few weddings and children, the previous website was shut down on April 4th, 2021.”

[WWW]MEETinROCHESTER is a totally volunteer driven group under [WWW] The focus of the MEETin Groups is to build a social network by making new friends without the pretense of establishing business networks to just make money.

Each group is run by local volunteers in the area of the group's city with the main purpose of bringing people together to find new friends and network around the globe. Unlike other sites, they are not a dating service, they invite all people whether you are married, single, in a committed relationship, etc to come and meet people in your area. They ask is that you come with an open mind for meeting new friends.


"Mikey” as most people know him, established the first MEETin group to connect people socially in DC and also built the web site. MEETinDC was very different in that it was not just another event posting board, or limited by who was able to join. Instead, its focus was on local events that brought people together to meet and have a good time. The first chapter was established March 14th 2003 as a yahoo group. As the DC chapter became extremely active Mikey decided to start 16 other chapters in that included many of the largest chapters to this day. As MEETin grew he knew that the yahoo groups would not work as a true community builder and with 10 years of programming experience he set out to build his site that has become the web site. was born. MEETinDC became such a success that more than 62,000 members have now joined MEETin groups in over 90 cities, as well as internationally, in a dozen different cities, such as Canada, Sydney, Amsterdam, Paris and London. MEETin with the help of hundreds of volunteers has planed over 30,000 events world wide. Each city continues to grow and grow with the help of many volunteers hard work.

Rochester Events

Current events have included iceskating at ESL, lunches and dinners, movies at the Dryden and monthly Happy Hours. Plans are in the works for winter hiking at Letchworth, a group visit to Artisan Works and evening events at the MAG.


Joining MEETin costs nothing. You will be required to cover your own admission fees at events, pay for your own food and drink etc. But being part of the group is absolutely free.


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2007-01-19 20:17:05   This group rocks. They have chapters all over the US and in some foreign countries, too. It doesn't cost a thing to join.. you just pay your own way if you go out to the movies, etc. —MoonunitAlpha

2007-03-03 12:17:03   I have been a member of this group for a few months now and have a great time and have made a ton of new friends! —DeniseElliott