MVP Health Care



20 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604
585 325 3920
1 800 950 3224

MVP Health Care is a health insurance company headquartered in Schenectady with an office in Rochester. Their main competition is Excellus BlueCross BlueShield.

May 2009: Company changed their name from Preferred Care to MVP Health Care.


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2009-08-25 12:22:53   Preferred Care was a local non-profit insurance co. They were bought out by for-profit out-of-town MVP. Now MVP is negotiating for much lower reimbursement rates from providers (doctors). One of my doctors informed me that he will probably leave the MVP network and I will have to pay cash or find another doctor in a few months. He said he is part of a large group of doctors and they will all jump together, so I might have trouble finding another doctor with MVP. My HR person told me they are trying to get some doctors to agree to treatment reviews by a third party. They promised that they wouldn't change anything, just the name. But if I lose my doctor, or if I effectively lose coverage for a specialty, whats the difference? —davidjmcclelland

2009-08-25 12:28:59   My wife just IM'd that our pediatrician is leaving MVP too. Now what? —davidjmcclelland

2012-06-23 00:10:48   Inaccurate... MVP is also a not-for-profit, check their website. And they didn't buy out Preferred Care. The two companies merged but kept the name "MVP". —ncjuppiter