Maa's Diner

2215 Empire Blvd., Webster NY, 14580
Hours (as of November 2021)
Wednesday - Sunday: 7:00AM to 2:00PM
Friday dinner: Info Needed
585 671 9090
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
<granskofski AT aol DOT com>

Maa's Diner is a 50's themed diner located in the former Fujiya Japanese Restaurant location on Empire Blvd, across from the AMC Loews Webster. They serve a wide variety of homemade options including breakfast, daily specials and soups.

Opened on December 17th, 2013. Closed by original family owners in early October 2021; reopened by a former employee November 4, 2021. Friday evening dinner hours are evolving.


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2014-01-09 14:25:56   Stopped in to check out the new place and it seemed nice. old movie posters on the wall, counter and booth service. They had daily specials and homemade soup. I got the Daddy Mac Burger, a enormous burger made with 100% Angus beef and topped with a hockey puck sized deep fried mac an cheese patty. This thing was huge and it needed a steak knife to keep it's structural integrity. Tasty too, though I did ask for medium and it was closer to well done, but otherwise good. I'll probably be back... at the very least to try the plate. —abraxas

2014-01-13 19:37:27   Checked out the new diner in Webster and was well impressed. The waitress was genuinely sweet, not that fake bubbly sweet. The diner was nice and quiet, with the local oldies station quietly in the background. Not a lot of kitchen noise, so just a really nice place to unwind after a long day. The food was great, also. I have zero complaints, go check this place out! For the record, we had the turkey wrap, and the southwest panini, both were fantastic. —sarahlincicome

2014-01-31 16:59:55   Love this new diner! We've been there three times and are very impressed with the home cooked food, the friendly staff, and the prices! Everything from the burgers to the freshly prepared (not canned!) fruit cups to the rice pudding is home made right there and delicious! —yamagoo

2021-10-13 17:28:18   Closing October 31 2021: