Maria's Mexican Restaurant/Comments


Comments from before 2009 from Maria's Mexican Restaurant are now being kept here.

2006-02-13 18:06:05 I'd have to say that Maria's is the WORST Mexican restaurant in town. No comparison to Chilango's in Spencerport. Went for lunch (the restaurant was practically empty!) and the service was SLOW!!! Taco Bell's tacos are tastier (which is not saying much), and the guacamole was rotten. Disgusting! —RochesterMom

2006-02-13 19:33:28 I've never been impressed by Maria's either. —RottenChester

2006-07-27 12:07:25 Oddly popular Mexican Restaurant with really bad food. I've never understood is continuing appeal. —ZedOmega

2006-09-18 09:00:49 After liking Salena's and finding out that Maria's use to be the original restaurant, I assumed they would be better. I found the portions of the sides to be abnormally small, the service was excessively slow, and the location's upkeep was lacking. The place was surprisingly busy and after eating here, I don't see why, I don't plan on coming back again. —TravisOwens

2007-01-25 15:34:45   Ditto the above comments. Maria's popularity is baffling. —RochCon

2007-02-01 15:52:54   It's popular because it's great. Slow service is part of the experience. If you want fast service go to Taco Hell. Guacamole rotten? You're high. The best part is however, I won't have to wait behind you losers the next time I go. Thanks! —GazAker

2007-03-12 11:13:14   Guess you either love it or hate it. Yes, it's grungy, and service can be slow on busy nights. But the food is decent. And you can't beat cheap Dos Equis on tap! —JohnBarry

2007-03-22 22:15:42   I don't understand the appeal of this place. I was brought there on two different occasions by people who said how great it was and I have nothing good to say about it. The service was horrible (which is saying something since I actually like slow service and not being rushed - I don't like sitting for 20 minutes without a drink or longer without anything to eat). And the food was fair the one time and poor the other. I will say the guac was decent but that's not enough to go back for. —JoelCornell

2007-07-14 23:32:57   A terrible meal! Food was not fresh tasting or flavorful. Thank goodness the Margarita was strong. Place felt dirty and sticky. And the packing tape holding my table together was so very charming and classy. I used to love Maria’s a long time ago, but I will not return. Those of you still hooked on Maria's need to go elsewhere you can get better food at the same price. —RalphMeranto

2007-08-29 17:47:05   Hey, Ralph, I seem to be shadowing you here as your Greek chorus. I agree that Maria's is not worth any kind of a drive. If you live nearby and are desperate to eat, fine, go eat, but outside of that Empire Blvd. stretch, I'm not sure it's worth the gas and time. Ironic because Empire Blvd. and Ridge Rd. up in that area of Webster are growing some wonderful other restaurants: ASIAN! —KatieSchmitz

2007-08-30 10:42:16   I have never had an amazing meal here. I have tried it 3 times, the food was never awful, but nothing was ever spectacular. The decor is run down and the entire "church mall" should see the wrecking ball. There are much better Mexican restaurants in Rochester. —MrRochester

2007-09-07 19:20:43   Been here a few times and am always disappointed. I'm willing to be they have the worst margarita's in all New York State. —MarcVera

2007-10-04 14:34:25   As a native to Rochester I can not understand the negative reviews. I have been to Mexico and I do actually know a few of the family that manages Maria's. I could not be happy without Maria's ‘Holy Mole’ and chips, the salsa is especially spicy and tangy, the free chips are homemade and not store bought. The food is above average, the prices still are great, and the location is more or less more like a traditional Mexican restaurant. The margaritas are a town favorite. My family gets dinner there at least 3x a month and I like the food so much that it is a regular staple. We all have different tastes, but I really can't get much into the commercialized chain restaurants. If you ever get a chance to go there ask for the recommended favorites. BTW Maria’s was officially rated as a 4 star restaurant a few years back. I agree with the professionals. —JoshKleppe

2008-01-16 13:38:34   Tasteless and overpriced, you're better off at Taco Bell. —DarrenKemp

2008-02-02 15:42:55   I have been going to Maria's since it opened. The food is good and the Margaritas are the best in Rochester. I recognize the slow pace, but in the end it's a better place to go if you are not in a hurry. —CliffBaitsholts

2008-08-18 12:02:03   Edible at best-very boring and bland. I recommend Monte Alban in Irond. Yummy eats at great prices! —BurbsGal

2008-10-12 19:27:21   Maria's is gross. The food is bad, the service is awful, the location horrible. There is a very bad smell in the place that puts me off big time. Avoid. —CindyKin

2008-11-16 22:57:19   My wife and I dined here on 11/15/08. Good luck trying to find this place. It's located in the basement of a converted church which has almost ZERO signage. The concept is cool, I guess, but it's in the basement with no atmosphere....and it was a 100 freaking degrees in that place. My wife is always cold - she was sweating. The service is TERRIBLE. After a 20 minute wait (there were 12 tables open - not snough servers), we were seated and thrown two menus. When she (the server) finally came around (15 minutes later), she didn't explain the fact that on the VERY LIMITED MENU, nothing came with the burrito plate....other than...yup....a burrito slapped down in the middle of the plate. The chicken burrito was boiled chicken (with NO FLAVOR or SEASONINGS) wrapped in a tortilla. We had to ask, after the fact, for cheese (which she never brought), onions, lettuce and tomatoes....and sour cream for $1.50. My wife ordered a glass of wine - it came in a min-airplane sized bottle (white). When she ordered a second, the server brought red. When we brought this to her attention....she instructed my wife as to where the cooler was (a few tables away from us - in the dining room)....that she could get it herself. The service was the worst I've ever had - thr food sucked and the atmosphere very odd. Save yourself the misery. McDonalds' would have been better. We left a $1 tip on a $30 bill - - I wonder if the server got the idea that she sucked! —ClarkGriswald

2008-12-03 18:12:20   I'm astounded by the comments here. This is, by far, the best Mexican Restaurant I have ever been to in my entire life. Everything is from scratch. The margaritas are so good, you can only have three. And the enchilada sauce can only be described as "savory". I wish less people liked this restaurant so I could get a seat more easily! —BatGuano