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2020-12-06 20:50:53   Regarding the September 19, 2020 shooting: Here are some comments based on a D&C article today, December 6. In defense of the city and police, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed court proceedings, which impacts arrests. When a suspect in the shooting is arrested for some other crime, possible witnesses to the shooting may be more willing to make statements to the police than if the suspects are free. Also, in cases with multiple potential suspects, the police prefer to question or detain all the suspects simultaneously. Since this incident involves at least a couple hundred witnesses and neighbors, it has been a slow process. Still, it is unclear how much help any witnesses may have provided, although one imagines the police have been knocking on a lot of doors. —GaryGocek

2021-01-19 21:11:20   Regarding the September 19, 2020 shooting: The organizer of the "small" party (a 19-year old woman at her sister's house) was befriended in the days after the shooting by a Monroe County legislator (a 40-something married man). The legislator is now being investigated over an incident in which he texted an explicit image to the young woman. He says he accidentally sent the image to the young woman instead of to his own wife. The police have announced no progress in the shooting investigation. —GaryGocek