Massaro Sculpture Garden

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360 Canterbury Road, Rochester, NY 14607 [Directions]
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The Massaro Sculpture Garden refers to the landscaped yard of local artist Vincent Massaro. His home is located in the Park Avenue area, on an unusual triangular plot where Harvard Street abruptly turns and meets Canterbury.

Massaro created the garden 1991 after the famous ice storm deposited an extensive amount of debris on his property. Inspired, he incorporated the trash into a design. Today the garden is a balanced juxtaposition of found objects and sharply defined borders, pathways, and artistic arrangements. Whimsical and eclectic, the Massaro Sculpture Garden is a wonderful stop for anyone on a stroll through the neighborhood.

""What I am doing in my yard is not public art in that sense but rather making art in public. It is an extension of what I do inside the studio during the creative process. One plays with materials, ideas, new and old relationships, making small discoveries, observations. Being outside the scale changes, the materials change, and the object now becomes an environment, reflecting my personality and aesthetic." - Artist statement, 1992

Vincent Massaro also made the [WWW]ARTWalk Cat in the nearby Neighborhood of the Arts.

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