Messenger Post Newspapers

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73 Buffalo St, Canandaigua, NY 14424 [Directions]

Messenger Post Newspapers is a local publisher. The chain was purchased in late 2006 by GateHouse Media, which went public that same year and relocated its headquarters to the Rochester area. The company's recently redesigned web site offers consolidated news and feature coverage, along with wire coverage of national and world events, and staff blogs.

Messenger Post Newspapers publishes the Daily Messenger, an Ontario County daily newspaper.

Messenger Post Newspapers also publishes several suburban-focused weekly newspapers for the greater Rochester area. Each of the weekly papers offers local stories and content, while common feature stories, op-ed pieces, and restaurant and film reviews run throughout the chain.

The company produces other publications as Messenger Post Media.

Possibly of interest to people needing Wiki Content, is the statement at the bottom of their web page:
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