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This page is for discussing the contents of Neighborhoods.

On April 23, 2010 JackGreenky and BradMandell engaged in a dialog regarding the Neighborhood page and the inclusion of Neighborhood Associations in that page rather than a separate page. Their discussion is duplicated below in the Comments section.

Brad implemented a first cut at a table based list with the neighborhood link, the association link, and an additional notes column. He was able to find associations for each of the existing neighborhoods in the list and added a number of new ones .



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Comments From User Pages

2010-04-23 14:25:18   Hey Jack, I saw you started a separate list page for Neighborhood Associations and thought it might be more meaningful to put the associations into the Neighborhoods list page alongside the neighborhood link. This will be more likely to keep the two lists in synch. If you don't have an issue, I will just convert the neighborhood associations into a redirect to the merged data page.

You have been putting in a lot of effort, much appreciated, hope you don't mind my following along and doing my thing on your additions (:>) Brad —BradMandell

2010-04-23 14:56:08   Yes, sometimes you fix while I am in the middle of editing, on a just added page. I write and edit in notepad first sometimes, and the copy does not always pick up all the codes and words or I miss some the first time around. The neighborhood associations words were used so often they were needed as a reference, and the neighborhoods may not match the associations exactly both in name and locations covered. If you make a chart or list(s) on one page, that is fine. I keep getting emails for many items to add, from mail lists I subscribed to or people send to me, which lead me to check many different pages. —JackGreenky

2010-04-23 15:11:42   Sorry for bumping into you in between edits, I have had that problem with PeteB quite frequently. When I am doing multiple edits I try to add WIP or Work In Progress in the Edit Comment to help with conflicts. I understand that there may be some Associations without a distinct named neighborhood and vice versa but I think one table will be better, take a look at the latest save of Neighborhoods - I found some new ones, so there are now some Wanted Pages, but that is good. I created a For Editor Review page as an attempt to try and coordinate and get editors working together, so far mostly used by me and not updated recently (I plan on cleaning it up and updating it this next week). If you have some work plans you would like coordinated effort with, feel free to use the page and I will help out where I can.

2010-04-23 16:38:17   The neighborhood groups on rochestercityliving have a (NW) or other quadrant designation - I think another column for that could be helpful, maybe even sort like the other real estate web page, by quadrants, then remove the duplicating page I made of associations. - Jack. —JackGreenky——

2010-04-23 18:32:04   Since the current table is for city and suburbs, the quadrant info could go in the Notes column (maybe I should change the label to More Info or Additional Info.

The other option would be to create separate tables for City and one for the rest of Monroe County Towns with a provision/table for Surrounding Area counties. If someone got serious about drilling down, it could be a very long list with a lot of smaller HOA's thrown in.

Maybe each should be in a separate file so that they could be INCLUDED on that page and on the respective town page???

2010-04-23 19:23:40   Do we know when these neighborhood associations lists were updated? I'm *EXTREMELY* nervous about listing people's home addresses/phone #'s on RocWiki. My family's neighborhood gave permission for their library only and not for external sources to list them. Email addresses would be one thing but full home addresses/phone #'s....(cringes) —PeteB

2010-04-23 21:02:39   I presume that PeteB was referring to the Houston-Barnard Neighborhood Association information, which Ryan removed. It was drawn from the Internet page from the Library site and was already published electronically. I understand the concern, but how do RocWiki editors serve as the arbiter of what gets listed and what does not. For example, if the name, address and phone number appear on the associations web page, do we publish them here as well, even if they might be "personal". This discussion is also off-topic as it does not refer to this page under discussion. —BradMandell

2010-04-24 10:18:32   After more research, I see that the City should really be its own page with Quadrant and neighborhood information, so I broke it out into Rochester Neighborhoods. I don't have more time to spend on this segment of RocWiki, so I leave it to others to finish flushing this out. —BradMandell

2010-04-24 11:48:28   The wards are usually only used for Real Estate purposes, the City does not use them officially anymore, I think, so a reference not needed (and most people do not know or use the actual boundaries of wards). The table, as set up, should work fine. I guess I started some changes here, too. —JackGreenky

2010-04-24 13:00:06   The only ward info is the 19th Ward, and it perseveres as a neighborhood on both the links you provided. I could not find any neighborhood maps or info on the current city website except for three on the Northeast Quadrant page. There used to be some more before the website was redesigned and reimplemented with all previous links destroyed. You cannot even find a map of the districts for City Council representation or even a vote page !!! —BradMandell

2016-03-10 13:44:06   Should we include hamlets on this page too? According to Wikipedia: A hamlet could be described as the rural or suburban equivalent of a neighborhood in a city or village.EileenF