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This page is for archiving comments for Olive's Greek Taverna from 2007 & earlier.

2006-01-04 17:29:35   Gyros is not a traditional Greek food. It was invented in 1970 at a Greek festival in NYC. Profit margin is high as it is low-quality meat. —JohnPapdopoulos

2006-01-22 23:04:43   This place is a racket. They serve all Grecian Delight frozen products. You can get that at any diner in Rochester- cheaper. —JohnPapdopoulos

2006-01-23 14:01:53   My experiences at Olive's have been good. Maybe some of their food comes ready-made, but it can't all be pre-made, because a lot of it is unique to Olive's. In other words, they serve more than gyros and mousaka. —RottenChester

2006-01-25 01:29:49   LOL. Hey man, enjoy your taverna experience. The Greek nose knows. —JohnPapdopoulos

2006-06-11 13:16:43   Half of us being Greek, we've tried this place knowing full well that it ain't gon be the real deal. The service leaves a ton to be desired - I wonder if they realize their facial expressions practically telegraph "I can't believe these suckers pay for and eat this #$%". The rice pudding (which I LURVE - made a run for it every evening in Athens) is, uh, never mind. And can anyone say "credit problems"? They've opened, closed, re-opened, installed an ATM (ATM!!!) right inthe foyer. Nothing like a beckoning ATM for great atmosphere. —ChristineLeo

2006-06-23 09:52:23   I'm not sure why this place has recieved so many negative reviews. The food I've had there has always been consistantly good, and the service has been very helpful, attentive, and friendly. The gyros (although maybe not a "traditional Greek food") are always moist and delicious; the spinach orzo soup is fantastic, and the peach-topped bread pudding is outstanding. The intimate atmosphere and colorful wall murals add to the total experience. —GreenBrenana

2006-06-23 12:06:09   One other thing to keep in mind: Olives is pretty inexpensive, probably averaging $7-8 for an entree. Not that you shouldn't get good food and service at that price, but an $8/plate restaurant might also have, e.g., an ATM in the entryway and credit problems. —RottenChester

2006-06-27 20:19:24   I must add that I recently found out from a friend that the owner of this establishment worked for The Olive Tree Restaurant for years, hence the name. I knew there was something familiar about that menu. Spinach-Orzo soup, Pasta Kalamata. These are not things you find in Greece, but in Rochester. Totally ctrl + v'd another restaurant's menu. How unscrupulous. Greenbanana, my arabian jasmine from Greenacres died, do you think I can get my money back? Rottenchester, I guess you get what you pay for. —JohnPapdopoulos

2007-05-19 13:22:44   I have taken three out of town guests here, and visited the place for take-out several times in addition. The coconut bread pudding, sweet potato fries, and eggplant gyros keep me coming back, but the unfriendly service consistantly leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I recommend take-out. —JennaCarson

2007-08-03 09:32:43   My sister and I visited this quaint little bistro recently and had a great experience. Food was good, ambiance even better. And the variety on the menu pleased my Greek vegetarian husband! Only criticism is they should offer some local wines. OPA! —EstherTzivanis

2007-10-26 23:45:23   Food OK but the service infuriated me. After the waiter messed up the wine order the hostess—owner (not sure) was more concerned over their wine service "policy" and saving three dollars then making a small concession for customer satisfaction. It totally amazed me and as I write this two hours after I still can't believe it happened as it did, especially from a small family establishment. I'm certain given the circumstances any restaurant worth it's weight in feta cheese would have conceded three dollars without question. And not even acknowledging us or saying thank you as we departed....wow.
Better service at.............OLIVE GARDEN —DavidRoss

2007-10-29 13:39:11   I couldn't disagree with Mr. Ross more. It sounds like he is sweating the $3 more than the owners. I have been a loyal Olive's customer for many years and find the owners to demonstrait the best of Greek culture. They are warm and generous people and the food is bar-none the best Greek food I have eaten. If you go early enought in the day you will see the owners hand rolling their spanakopita, tiropita etc. As far as the wine policy, it is casual, no show just good wine and good food. Sounds like Mr.Ross's taste lean more to the chain style restaurant where the wait staff sign their table with crayons. —HelenKasseri