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## John, can you upload your photo to RocWiki, and include it to float left as in ##....Upload new image "IMAGE_NAME.JPG"
## the way the photo is included now, it streaches out the table. Thanks! -Far
## Far, the photo link already existed. I even briefly figured you had linked it! Anyway, yes, i see how the table gets stretched, but don't know who owns it or its copyright. ¬óJohn


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These "edit mode only" comments are quite annoying.

Anyway, the picture was taken by my friend Alex Storer. [WWW] —TobinFricke

2006-04-18 07:40:01   Could Alex upload his photo here, or designate it Creative Commons, which Flickr supports, or otherwise grant permission? Better yet, improve the wiki to thumbnail and format offsite photos! —JohnLam