Oswego Punk House

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189 W Seneca St, Oswego, NY 13126 [Directions]

Former cooperative music venue. The Oswego Punk House (the 189) has been sold to capitalism for good. All the punks have now gotten jobs and work 40+ hours a week, some have even gotten married and had little "punk" children.

The overall stinky odor surrounding the house and it's former inhabitants is now just another page in RocWiki history.

On July 16 2015, Trevor James Backer, Peter Pan syndrome sufferer and known Portland trollop, took serious umbrage to this page's contents. He stated, "WHERES [sic] MY CREDIT." So I call upon my unwashed sisters and brothers to seize back this page from the tyranny of lesser editors. Let our story and history flow forth with the vengeance of the pitchfork-wielding, gibberish shouting masses. To arms! To your keyboards!


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