In an economic sense, a cooperative is a business controlled by those it affects (informally, it's stake holders). A worker cooperative is a business owned by its workers; a housing cooperative is a house owned by its residence; a retail cooperative can be worker cooperative, or a business owned by its customers, or a combination. Cooperatives eliminate control of an organisation by those who are only interested in a profit. Socially, a cooperative usually involves cooperation in the traditional sense, and a vibrant, do-it-yourself attitude towards pitching in and getting the job done.

Rochester has several cooperatives of various kinds:

Art Co-ops

Consumer Food Cooperatives

Energy Cooperatives

Financial Cooperatives

Housing Cooperatives

Further Afield

Worker and Retail Cooperatives


Extinct Cooperatives


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2005-10-30 09:47:52   Tell me more about this 'hotel' thing! —FarMcKon

2005-10-30 18:59:12   Well, it's a sort of co-op esque house at South and Elmwood. They seem really interested in Ant Hill, and they are very cool themselves. —TobinFricke