Paul Taylor Glass

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1115 East Main St, Rochester, NY 14609 [Directions] Suite 242
Hours (As of January 2010)
First Friday and by appointment
Wheelchair Accessible
Freight elevator available on First Fridays
<sales AT paultaylorglass DOT com>

Paul Taylor Glass, owned by artist Paul Taylor, is located in the Hungerford Building. He produces pendants, small sculptures, paper weights and various blown glass objects for sale at art festivals and at wholesale to businesses throughout New York State. He can also be found at the South Wedge Farmers' Market, as he lives in the neighborhood.


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2011-12-24 11:57:43   I own a beautiful wall vase from Paul Taylor Glass, I love his work, it is high quality and each piece is amazing and unique. I would recommend his work to anyone! —ErinGursslin