South Wedge Farmers' Market

151 Mt. Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620
Hours (June to October)
Thursdays: 4:00PM to 7:00PM
<swfarmersmarket AT gmail DOT com>

South Wedge Farmer's Market is a small weekly summer/fall farmers market in the South Wedge. They embrace the grow local, eat local doctrine in sustainability, sourcing vendors and foods only from within 100 miles. Many vendors also sell organic produce, meats, wine and foods. It has space for just over two dozen vendors. EBT welcome.

The South Wedge Farmers' Market was founded by Chris and Vicki Hartman. After a lengthy campaign, it finally kicked off when Boulder Coffee Co. owner Lyjha Wilton won a zoning variance to pave the yard behind the Boulder flagship location at 100 Alexander Street. The market was held here until 2015, when it moved to its current location.

The market is now run by the South Wedge Planning Committee with manager Sue Gardner Smith.

Photos - Old Boulder Location

FarmMarket.jpgCreative Commons. Full Size at: [WWW]2406 x 1844 Market.jpgAugust 2009 Market2.jpgAugust 2009


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2007-08-18 11:13:37   I attended with my young daughter this week - it was our first time. We loved it - the great atmosphere, the wonderful and diverse produce (especially the heirloom tomatoes!), local ice cream, the music... it was just great! —JudyBolton

2008-07-17 20:28:26   It's totally geat! And you should go see the bread man, Luke. He's awesome! —JoannaLicata

2009-07-24 19:37:00   The atmosphere is awesome and the food is absolutely top notch quality. However, be forewarned that you certainly pay for that quality. It's not the kind of place that you could buy all your produce at unless you have a pretty hefty budget. But please don't let that deter you from going; it's certainly worth going to and picking up an item or two just to hang out. —DaveMilitello

2010-08-28 13:23:58   Visited 8-26. Really good quality vendors, with good variety. Prices good too. (I'm from Boston, belong to a CSA, shop at a local farmers' market and the prices here are much higher.) —jomiku

2015-06-01 19:40:17   Per their facebook page, the market has a new location! They've moved from the Boulder parking lot to 151 Mt. Hope. —nickf