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This page is for archiving comments prior to the 2/2010 Ownership change for the Peter Geyer Steakhouse.

2006-03-27 01:56:25   At $24-$46, it had better be the best steak of your life! —JohnGormly

2006-04-30 18:57:19   Great food. Worth every penny. —BrentIrvine

2006-10-01 21:59:06   Unbelieveably delicious (although expensive)! Relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Knowledgeable and unpretentious staff. A hidden gem! —ShigRossi

2007-08-30 14:55:14   Excellent food in a great atmosphere. My Filet was delicious and my friends porterhouse was awesome, he said.

I would recommend this restaurant to others in a heartbeat.

Nice trendy restaurant. —MrRochester

2007-09-27 14:39:52   Wow...excellent steak. I got the 10 oz filet mignon, and it was charred just the right way on the outside and extremely tender on the inside. I also had a house salad, which was much larger than expected and had a really nice dressing. I had a cup of French onion soup between the salad and the steak and it was good. The steak came with a choice of side—I got mashed potatoes, which came out extremely smooth and covering a small oval plate. I've never seen mashed potatoes presented quite like that. They were good, though—creamy but light. The creme brulee I got for dessert was large and delicious. No complaints about service. I'd definitely go back here, but only for a special occasion due to the prices. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-11-17 16:48:08   The Mignon I had there was butter-tender and the best I have ever had. It is dry-aged beef, which is a rarity anywhere but the best steakhouses. I also had the lobster, which was also very good, but next time I am just going for the beef. —DabeernFooddude

2007-12-09 18:10:53   Went there again for my birthday. The server was a bit flaky but nice (we've had her before. this is her usual standard of service) but, as always the food was phenomenal. I love the KingCrablegs. They are so large I can not ever finish them. I believe the steak is aged 28 days.... but not dry, aged. —NightlifeCher

2008-02-26 13:12:32   Mixed review. Nice place, comfy, quiet, excellent NY loin steak (the first on the menu) just perfect. Just overpriced ~$8 per entree too much in my opinion for the very simple food, although it was good. Including my 20% tip, $170 for 3 people, 1 appetizer,3 entrees, 2 drinks. —KellyArmstrong

2008-02-29 13:31:41   This is a well-kept secret. The best steak I've ever had, along with Bacco's' bistecca ala pepe verde is Geyer's' del monico, right at the relaxed, classy bar, while watching college basketball on the LCD. great bartenders and selection. Their calamari is tied for the best I've ever had, along with Mr. Dominic's. —DennyWooty

2008-05-01 12:35:35   Peter Geyer lives up to it's name but calling itself a "Steakhouse". The steaks are wonderful! The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing. I would recommend this place if you just want to have great food and don't want to be rushed like some other places. —FrankieEngelbert

2008-06-20 16:10:20   Excellent food and the same with the service. —JK44

2008-10-18 19:56:15   Went here tonight for our 5th Wedding Anniversary dinner. I had the "7 & 7"—a 7 oz Filet and 7 oz Brazilian Lobster Tail. Wife had the 12 oz Filet. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FILET!! Being our anniversary we were treated to Pumpkin Ice Cream & Chocolate Cake. Our server was Jessie and he was outstanding. —PeteB

2009-04-29 22:08:53   I have eaten at this restaurant numerous times and have always had a good meal. Tonight we had a less than average meal. The 32oz bone-in ribeye that I always order was more like 16oz. At $44 for that steak I was ripped off and the asparagus side dish was half cooked. Tonight was my last visit to this place. The cost of our meal for a party of 4 with tip was $215 with 1 person only having 2 appetizers and no main course. The steak tasted great and always have, but I know the difference between a 32oz steak and a 16oz steak. This was supposed to be a special meal for us and it just wasn't. —StephenDeeley

2009-04-30 11:16:54   I would agree with you Stephen. I went recently and the food was not the same as my 2 prior experiences. Either the recession has affected food quality they order or there is a new chef that is not as talented. I will give them another year before I try them again and hopefully they will have worked out whatever is wrong with the food right now. —MrRochester

2009-06-22   Had dinner at Peter Geyer Steakhouse last month (5/2009) and was highly disappointed. The small steak I had was below average flavor, my nephew ordered a medium rare steak and it came with raw spots. He sent it back for fixing and it came back burned and beyond well done. A Cobb salad ordered with absolutely no meat came with bacon in it. -Greif

2009-06-23 09:07:53   This place has been going downhill for a while now. I see the manager left which isn't a good sign either. It was only a matter of time. I know USDA PRIME meat and they stopped using those premium cuts of meat a while ago despite keeping the high prices. I guess the owner doesn't care since he concentrates on sitting at the bar drinking when he should be seating people and making sure everything is perfect. This place was great when it first opened but now it's time to move on....... —Justhavinfun