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The Piatza's Pizza Gourmet Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 26, 2009.

2007-02-12 16:57:33   Not the best pizza, but if you're strapped for cash a single $3 mega slice fills you up no matter how hungry you are. —TravisOwens

2007-03-31 19:31:49   I'm not a fan of Piatzas. The place they bought out ("Pizza Pizza") was very good, but Piatzas pizza is mediocre, and on two occasions I've found hair in my food (I've only eaten there 5 or 6 times, so this is quite troubling). —GrahamSaathoff

2007-07-10 09:30:58   I'm a big fan of piatza's...I think it's the sauce that I like so much. The $5.99 (with coupon) pick up special on Mondays & Tuesdays is a good deal. However when I ordered from them two weeks ago, they LOST my pizza. They didn't give me any money off of it, but they delivered it to my house for free after I orginally came to pick it up. —SaraChristine

2007-10-09 01:28:26   I immensely enjoy the chicken "Mega Slice" - instead of tomato sauce it has a sweet and spicy sauce. It fills you up for $3 —AlexanderGartley

2007-12-08 22:12:22   I'm a fan of Piatza's, but be forewarned: they have been tweaking their menu frequently. Subs were discontinued but now seem to be back on the menu, and there are fewer gourmet pizza options than before. Also, I've noticed on several occasions that they seem to close earlier than the scheduled times, anywhere from 15 minutes to a hour early. I've frequently had to use the Pontillo's down the street as an alternative. —AlixHamilton

2007-12-09 20:10:04   I am now boycotting piatzas because they refused to accept a coupon from me that was not expired! That's just bad customer service. With so many other pizza places out there, especially in the city, that's no way to keep your customers. —SaraChristine