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2008-07-11 16:17:07   It looks like the Address() macro breaks when you have multiple locations, so.... what to do here? It would be awesome if it would somehow automatically figure it out and pop-up google maps with all of the locations labeled, but I haven't seen the Python to know if that's even conceivable (and I don't really know Python either, heh)... —JaySweet

2008-07-11 19:31:28   It'll pick either the first (or last) one to zoom onto, but if you zoom out, it'll display all locations. Alas, it'll also display the 20 nearest locations to all of the locations, which can sometimes cause some issues with less robust web browsers. Like the one I'm using now.

In general, I prefer to keep all the addresses Address()'d, on the thought that 1) in the future, the display of multiple locations will be more better and 2) the addresses will still show up on other nearby locations.

Sounds like another one for my to-do list ;-) —RyanTucker

2008-07-11 20:15:47   Actually, this is already encoveraged on Wiki Community/Bug Report, hooray! I don't have copy and paste right now (don't ask), but if you could move these comments over there to keep things consolidated, it'd be most appreciated! —RyanTucker