Resolutions Home Improvement

Serving Rochester
585 750 6162

Resolutions Home Improvement is a home contractor business based in Greece. Owner is Dennis Pankey. They do decks, fences, screen-ins, roofing, and any home remodel/repair or landscaping.


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Dennis has been working our home in one fashion or another since August 2006 and we couldn't be more thrilled. He has built a bathroom in our basement. He has installed new doors and windows as well. 6/28/07 Update: Dennis recently completed a full remodel of our upstairs bathroom, painted our deck, sided our home and replaced the basement windows for us. 4/28/08 Update: Dennis recently installed some ceiling fans we'd bought and repaired our fence. 7/26/08 Update: Dennis sanded, painted and stabilized our front deck this week. We are COMPLETELY satisfied and fully recommend him for any home renovation need. 5/27/09 Update-Dennis has recently performed further renovations while we were out of town-including general painting, floor repairs and overseeing paving of a new driveway. Each done without any difficulties-Fully Satisfied.PeteB

2008-04-28 19:01:07   When we explained what we wanted done and our timeline, Dennis took the time to check out the house and suggest ways that we could get the same end result for less money. He promptly followed up with a very competitive quote and called a week out from our start date to confirm that we were still interested. The day before the start date, he called to set his arrival time. He consistently arrived 30-15 minutes early (when's the last time someone showed up on time, let alone a little early!), took the time to talk more about what he was going to do, and always cleaned up after himself. We experienced a blackout the morning of the first day and it didn't phase him in the least. He was consistently pleasant, thorough and professional and it showed in the quality of his work. Having previously fought tooth and nail to get a quote from Lowes, I'm wishing I knew Dennis sooner. I like to be positive, but it's very rare that I gush and I think Dennis is worth it. —DaveMahon

2015-05-27 14:07:52   I telephoned this contractor at the number listed (it's the same as the one listed on Angies List) more than a week ago. I left my name and phone number and a brief description of the deck replacement project at my home for which I requested a quote. I received no response. The recorded male voice that answered gave no indication it was a business or identify himself as the business owner named above. Wondering if he is still in business? —jjjingleheimer

2015-05-28 02:03:28   JJjingleheimer-this is a very part-time business for him and I found out today he is doing an addition on his own home and is booked solid through mid-August so I don't think he'll be available for you-sorry. —peteb

2015-05-28 19:42:19   Pete, given the comments, that means this is more of a hobby for him than a business. That tells me that he is not someone I'd want to hire to do work for me. —DottieHoffmann

2015-06-01 11:59:44   Pete, thanks for that information. However, it would not have required more than 60 seconds for the business owner himself to return my call or leave me a voicemail stating the information you provided. It's common courtesy and good business practice regardless if this is part time or not. —jjjingleheimer