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2005-11-25 14:21:10   This is a cop bar for anyone that cares. —EricLarsson

2005-11-25 14:22:27   The local newscasters tend to hang out here, as well. —MariahBetz

2007-08-31 12:43:07   This bar is the typical dive bar. The first floor smells like the basement of a fraternity house, the patio upstairs is ok.

When the build the townhomes on Charlotte St, hopefully they remodel and improve the bar for the people living nearby. It could become a nice neighborhood bar. —MrRochester

2008-09-30 21:57:20   Bubble hockey, pool, darts, big buck hunter, a couch and some tables and chairs up stairs. Kind of like hanging out in the basement of your friend's in H.S.—the one with the cool basement. No bar upstairs. Downstairs has a good amount of T.V.'s, great food, cheap drinks everynight and a reasonably friendly staff. As a previous commenter said, it is a cop bar. Owned by a cop and lots of off duty cops hang out there, but theyre good people. I've seen people smoke indoors downstairs too. —Sharpie

2009-02-07 13:35:14   This used to be a great place for a few beers & some tasty chicken wings. You could come in & be greeted by a smilling bartender while taking a seat next to a local newscaster & an off duty police officer. BOY HAVE TIMES CHANGED!!! Upon a recent visit to this worn down & never updated bar.... I was purley TERRIFIED! First off i was hit up for change twice on the 10 foot walk from my car to the door. The women bartending seemed to be mad at the world & pregnet. The wings were undercooked and not the heat i asked for. Instead of safely sitting in between a cop & a news person...I was scrunched between a drunkin frat boy & a local drug dealer yelling to each other. Im sure these people were high on something other than alcohol. Beware of this place!!! Something shady is in the air! —john

2010-08-09 11:54:32   the "penultimate" Steakouts? "Penultimate" means "next to last." —ZeldaPinwheel

2011-04-16 15:56:00   Does anyone know if Richmond's is still open?? We tried to go on a Saturday over a month ago and the place was locked and dark. On Thursday (4/14), we drove by and it appeared closed. —KatieS

2013-06-29 10:49:00   On a damp Friday night at the Jazz Fest we slipped down the street to Richmond's for a bite to eat about 7:30PM. On arriving it appeared to be a decent bar but there was no evidence of food being served. We asked and were assured they could feed us, were promptly seated across from the bar, and presented menus. Unfortunately they showed very little resemblance to the fairly interesting menu posted on their website. My wife settled for a cheese steak which was good. My shrimp po-boy was overcooked and dry. The house-made potato chips were the best part of the meal (along with the cold beer). I don't know if we were too early, or too late, or the online menu was just a form of bait-and-switch. Although the staff was very friendly and welcoming, we probably won't bother to stop back. —jgerek

2014-11-09 19:00:05   Usually a spot of mine to go to after a long night of work. I have been through 2 owners and still frequent the bar. Last night, I happened in after work and ordered my usual. This included an order of fries and wings, as well as a beer and a double shot. What slapped me in the face is that i ordered my meal, and it was given to me in a to go box. I looked down the bar and noticed that everyone else who had been recently served were given cute little trays with their food. I asked the bartender if I had asked for my food to go. he said N, but its late night and we just figured... I stopped listening at that point. I figured he served my food "to go" so , I should leave, which I quickly did, leaving half my drink on the bar. I have a stressful enough job and go to Richmond's to wind down. Suffice it to say, my night was ruined, I took my food home and opened it... only to find ugly "broken boned" wings and over cooked french fries. Time to find another spot to wind down because I know BOSCO would not have allowed me to leave his location as frustrated as I was. but wait... BOSCO isn't there and this is a new owner... time for a new wind down spot. I will be sure to spread the word. —iceeyes

2015-10-05 13:50:07   I'm sorry iceeyes, but I can't stop re-reading your post and laughing. —DE

2017-11-30 15:52:27   One odd thing about this place is that they don't do takeout orders unless it is ordered through Grubhub. Went to order wings over the phone once and they told me that. Got them from Marshall Street instead. Besides that, I like Richmonds. Good bar food. —DE