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RocCity 2.0 was RocWiki's Business of the Month for November 2012!

RocCity 2.0 is an alliance of people and organizations working to promote and improve the Rochester experience. From [WWW]a TEDxRochester blog post,

The group is organized by Gary D. Jacobs and Tony Karakashian, and was inspired by their work with TEDxRochester.

Projects and Events

Excerpt: "Under the cloak of darkness, members zip-tied signs to traffic posts. The signs, strategically placed around downtown , act as road signs to popular destinations and provide the distance it takes to get there by foot and by bike.

“We want people to re-imagine how to get around downtown,” TEDxRochester co-organizer Tony Karakashian said. “When we see downtown Rochester, we see it as a drive-through city – you go to the city for work and drive home. You don’t spend any time downtown. We’re trying to show there are interesting things downtown to see.”

One special feature of the signs is its use of technology, Karakashian said. A QR code printed on each sign takes people to where users can find more information about the destination.

The QR codes allow for flexibility of what the signs can deliver in the future. TEDxRochester is currently in collaboration with the developers of RocWiki to provide bus schedules as well as where nearby bike racks are located. Installing the signs provides an infrastructure for upgrades in the future that follow the TED philosophy, Karakashian said."


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