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RocGeeks, founded on August 27, 2007, is an informal gathering of Rochester [wikipedia]geeks i,e. -area computer enthusiasts, IT professionals, electronic and gadget hobbyists, and anyone who's passionate about high-tech. Many participants work in a professional setting, but RocGeek meetups are very informal, inviting and comfortable.

Meetups occur nearly every other week, usually at SoHo Bagel Cafe in Greece. They also go on "Geek Tours" to area organizations and businesses to see the behind-the-scene high-tech side of things.

Meetings typically last for 2 hours, while some stay and socialize much after. The group's membership encompasses a vast array of skills and interests, from various computer operating systems, IT professional occupations, and electronics hobbies.

If high-tech is your life, consider attending and meeting like-minded individuals! "Geek culture at its finest!"

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