RocPoetry/To The Drivers On The Roundabout


by Heather

To the Drivers on the Roundabout
That Links South Plymouth and Ford,
I despair in watching you Pound and Shout
In Anger, on your Dashboard.

Did you Read the Flyer
So humbly Sent
By our city's D.O.T?

If You're Already On
The Circle, My Dears,
You Don't Need To Yield To Me!

So, kindly drivers of Rochester,
I beg of you, heed the law:
Signal to Exit, Yield to Enter,
And Slow Down 'til you've Gotten Off.


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2005-11-17 14:42:59   "Slow down till you've gotten off" ... I love that :) —MariahBetz

2006-01-31 13:39:04   Nice ;) some people know how to drive those things —BenMargolis