RocWiki Ad Cards


Some of the Admins recently purchased some glossy RocWiki advertising cards...well they're in—1000 of them!

I think the best use is if you go out to dinner, leave it with your tip. Leave them at counters of coffee shops, businesses when you buy things (if they're ok with it).

5/28/2010: New RocWiki cards have arrived....larger and more colorful! Come and get them at the [WWW]June Meeting! or contact me and I'll make arrangements to get you some.

If you want one contact me and we'll make arrangements.

rocwikislicksfront800.jpgFront-side - BradMandell rocwikislicksside2x800.jpgFlip-side - BradMandell


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2008-07-18 15:28:57   Do we have the artwork in an electronic form that anyone could order materials from or other such vendors - I would order and wear a "RocWiki Editor" ballcap (;>}. Any discussions about putting affiliate links for such stuff on the site to help defray expenses? —BradMandell

2008-07-18 15:48:53   I'm not graphically oriented, Brad. Someone else would have to chime in on this —PeteB